The Acolyte Creator talks influences and villains


The Acolyte Creator talks influences and villains

A still from Star Wars: The Old Republic featuring a Sith army and their red lightsabers.

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For a lot of War of stars’ Existence, the various heroes we watched and played were good people trying to make the galaxy a better place in some way or at least find their own place in the universe. The greater conflicts have always confronted our heroes with seemingly insurmountable odds, be it endless war, a magic cultor guys obsessed with doomsday guns and Clone. One of the upcoming Disney+ series in the franchise, the acolyte, offers a significant shake up by making the rogue Sith the protagonists of its story.

Speak with vanity fair for his Cover story of all things Star Wars, Acolyte Creator Leslye Headland spoke at length about her goals for the series. The new series, which has been confirmed to set 100 years before the prequel trilogy, will (potentially) star Amanda Stenberg during the era of High Republic, currently the major focus of several books and comics. For Headland, the appeal of this relatively untapped era lies in war of stars The story drew her to the show.

“The High Republic is so golden in so many ways,” she said. Dduring the High Republic the Jedi were at their best, and the Republic devoted itself to creating great works to serve the larger galaxy. But as peaceful as it seems, Headland knew the Sith’s rise to power had to start somewhere, and their show will explore how they exploited the gaps in Republic power. “What are we turning a blind eye to that could lead to the rise of someone like Palpatine a century or so later? Yes it is a Villain, but it’s a villain that completely undermines the entire system of government You can’t just end up with George [Lucas] phantom menace Situation when everything is going well.”

In Headland’s eyes The Acolyte is above all a mystery, and that mystery is what is really going on during this so-called peak period. It’s also their chance to bring in even more elements of the expanded universe that dominated the franchise before Disney bought it in 2012. Parts of the EU have slowly been brought into the new canon over the years, and it sounds like it The Acolyte will bring even more of it into the fold. In the same article Kathleen Kennedy teased that Headland drew on various “bits and pieces” of this ancient canon that had never before been explored on screen, which is sure to delight longtime fans.

Among her many EU inspirations for the upcoming series, the big one for Headland is 1991 legacy of the empire by Timothy Zahn. When she approached Lucasfilm with her idea for a series, she openly admitted to writing war of stars Fan fiction inspired by the novel that was introduced Grand Admiral Thrawn. After playing tabletop roleplaying games with her friends, she went and wrote her OC in different scenarios. “I got that in the ‘’90s,” she recalled, “and then was introduced to the clone wars Cartoon. I knew the schedule really well.”

It remains to be seen which parts of the EU will be included acolyte gives Headland plenty of room to work. While she feels the pressure to make her show great, she also feels quite free as she digs into old characters can be a blast for this franchise. “You couldn’t pay me enough money to try and be in the Luke Skywalker timeline,” Headland laughed. “There’s too much iconography and intensity with these special characters I think I’m telling a story that’s more about a timeline that we don’t know much about. Let’s hang out here for a bit and see what Star Wars looks like when the good guys are there actually responsible. What happens? We know what it ultimately leads to, so let’s investigate. What are the holes we can poke in what happened?”

Star Wars: The Acolyte will be released on Disney+ in 2023.

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