Bay Area COVID patients report ‘Paxlovid rebound’ after taking antiviral treatment


Bay Area COVID patients report 'Paxlovid rebound' after taking antiviral treatment

When Berkeley resident Myriam Misrach tested positive for the coronavirus last month, she started taking the COVID antiviral pill Paxlovid the same day. During the five days of treatment, her cough and shortness of breath mostly went away, but a few days after taking the last pill, her symptoms returned.

Afterward, she had a fever, headache, nausea, a runny nose, and lost her sense of taste for 48 hours, she said. And she tested positive for the virus again – despite having tested negative just days before and feeling much better.

“I had everything under control,” said Misrach, 66, who is vaccinated and refreshed. “It wasn’t a mild case at all.”

Misrach continued to test positive for two weeks after that and is still coughing today, although the other symptoms have subsided. What was even more puzzling, she said, was that her husband had also just taken Paxlovid and it “worked beautifully” for him – he felt better almost immediately and stayed that way, despite also testing positive after initially testing negative.

“I don’t blame Paxlovid, but I think they need to study it more,” she said.

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