Inside Story of “One, Two, Three…Cancun!”


Inside Story of "One, Two, Three...Cancun!"

Nick Van Exel wants to be clear: he has never resigned from his team, never wanted to imply it and never wanted to offend anyone. He certainly never intended to publish a meme—especially since no one knew what a “meme” was back in 1998, when Van Exel uttered his tongue-in-cheek battle cry:

“One, two, three… Cancun!”

“It just popped into my head,” says Van Exel now, chuckling at this weird little origin story. “It wasn’t scripted.”

It also won’t technically be scripted Tuesday night when TNT is on Inside the NBA airs what could be his final show of the 2022 playoffs. But when the Warriors wrap up their win over the Mavericks, you can bet someone — Shaq, Kenny, or Chuck — will send Luka Dončić & Co. off to summer with a cheeky, ubiquitous refrain:

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