Fortnite Pro racist weapon arsenal video condemned online


Fortnite Pro racist weapon arsenal video condemned online

A Fortnite screenshot showing a player preparing to detonate some sort of remote controlled bomb.

An esports pro has been snubbed after a video surfaced online of a person who is said to be Fourteen days Champion Series Grand Final contender Sin, shows a fully stocked gun cabinet and states in 2022 that the stockpile of firearms is “just in case there’s ever a zombie apocalypse or an a*gger outbreak.” Sigh I really hate this world we live in sometimes.

Sin, or Sin3278, is not new to the professional world of gaming. According to Player Stats Tracker Database Fourteen days trackerSin has been competing in various tournaments since at least July 2019. He did his first Fourteen days Champion series (or FNCS) showing up in October 2020, which is a pretty big deal. The FNCS is Fourteen days‘s premier esports competition. I mean, it’s even hosted by developer Epic Games. It’s important to get on that stage Fourteen days Fame. He didn’t place as high on his first outing, but has continued to compete in the FNCS over the years. He slowly rose through the ranks, and on May 22, he and Duos teammate Acro took second place in a semi-final competition, earning a spot this weekend Final examination. You can watch the conclusion of the tournament on Fourteen daysThe official YouTube channel of.

Same day boy Fourteen days pro and FNCS North America East competitor Nexy shared a video of Sin in which Sin, standing in what appeared to be a very white closet, was said to be displaying his “army” of deadly weapons. There are multiple shotguns, pistols, rifles, blades and plenty of ammo. All of this, Sin said in the short clip, is “just in case there’s ever a zombie apocalypse or an a*gger outbreak.” As if that was a reason this strapped.

“Crazy how [this] Sin3278 kid gets to play in wings after tweeting,” Nexy said alongside the 13-second video. It spread quickly, catching the attention of esports watchdog Jake Lucky, who also tweeted his disbelief. Lucky then shared a screenshot showing Sin doubled down on the videoconfirmed he is and said he “never threatened or said anything to anyone [he’s] will do anything.” There are also other receipts from Sin’s tweets floating around where he continued to defend the video and admitted to being “racist and proud”.

kotaku has reached out to Epic Games and Nexy for comment.

Acro, Sin’s teammate, has distanced himself from Sin’s statements. He tweeted that he doesn’t “in agreement with” everything Sin did or said. However, it also seems that Acro has hidden answers showing how he previously reacted more lightheartedly to Sin’s video, complete with the crying laughing emoji.

kotaku has reached out to Acro and Sin for comment.

Sin’s statements have upset the competition Fourteen days Scene. Some players, such as Jonathan “Yung Calculator” Weber, tweeted that this video needs more attention from something like the FBI. Pro Alexander “Av” Vanderveen called the developer “had information about [Sin] for one week” without further enforcement. And some black players, such as Apex Legends streamer Ninjayla and University of Maryland Esports Director Sergio Brack expressed how this affects black people. Brack said, “We’re not just making this stuff up. Black people aren’t valued, protected, or respected in this space, and I’m regularly reminded of that…” Let me tell you, Brack isn’t wrong here.

So far, Epic Games hasn’t addressed the matter publicly, so it’s unclear if the video will affect Sin’s involvement with FNCS and how it will all play out. All of this comes not long after Buffalo, New York was rocked by a hateful massacre in which an 18-year-old white man shot and killed a local grocery store in a mostly black neighborhood and streamed the killings on Twitch. Government agencies like the DOJ and politicians like Attorney General Letitia James are investigating both shoot and the streaming platform.

And like clockwork, various news agencies, including Jezebel and NPR, report that a “mass casualty event” occurred at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. An alleged 18-year-old man killed a number of people on the premises before local law enforcement allegedly gunned him down. Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) said at a press conference The suspected shooter is now dead.

Update: 5/24/22 5:45 PM ET: Added details about the Texas shooting.

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