How to get a free Fitbit or Apple Watch from your insurance company


How to get a free Fitbit or Apple Watch from your insurance company

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fitness tracker how Apple Watches and Fitbitsare generally not as expensive like Tech like smartphones and tablets, but they’re not exactly cheap. You certainly wouldn’t do without it Opportunity to get one for free. And aAs it turns out, many insurance companies are including Fitness programs that either come with a free tracker, allow you to earn a free tracker, or offer discounts for a device.

HowToGeek dived into fitness rewards for some of the biggest Insurance companies to see what deals or giveaways they have on Apple Watches and Fitbits. Now not all insurance companies offer the same fitness tracking plans –Some will give you a Fitbit or Apple Watch “for free” (with conditions, of course), while others will only supply Discounts on the Devices. Nevertheless it is It’s worth checking with your provider.s Promotions to see what you qualify for.

but tDoesn’t Fitbit or Apple Watch Really “Free”

However it is in addition It pays to read the fine print. In many cases, your insurance company has access to the activity and health data that you generate while exercising with the fitness tracker, as well as the data that you provide in the insurance company’s app or the Connected Health app on your phone.

Here is United Healthcare Privacy Policy, for example. A careful reading shows tThe company is willing to take any data it can from you, including health, activity, camera use, local storage, phone dialer, where you touch your screen, sleep data, nutrition data, and other data points. While all privacy policies differ, there is similar language from other insurance programs.

While that’s not great, it’s not exclusive to the fitness tracker deal either:TThis privacy policy generally also applies if you just use of the provider health app. If you’re already using their programs, you’re not giving away much, if any, new information by opting for a free fitness tracker. To prevent these companies from accessing your data, you would have to stop using their apps entirely, so you need to decide if the apps and freebies are worth the privacy tradeoff.

Apart from these limitations, here are the devices and offers from different providers.

United Healthcare — A free fitness tracker

Speaking of United Healthcare, if you’re under their insurance, you’re eligible for the “Motion” app for iPhone and Android, which comes with a free fitness tracker. While United Healthcare doesn’t specify which trackers are eligible on its website, HowToGeek reports that you can qualify for one free Fitbit or Apple Watch after you have accumulated enough credits through your training. It is possible the initial Free Tracker is another third-party option, and the Fitbit or Apple Watch is coming.

Etna – AmThe most free Apple Watch

Aetna customers have access to Attain by Aetna, at App is available for iPhone and Androidbut which one requires an Apple Watch to use. Because of this, Aetna allows users to snag a mostly free Apple Watch (you’re responsible for the activation fee and sales tax).

However, you can’t sign up for the app, grab your watch, and sit back and relax. Aetna requires you to “pay” for the watch with points earned through workouts and other fitness activities over the following 24 months. If you’re someone who’s generally active, that probably won’t be a problem. But when you’re first starting out in fitness, it could be a steep commitment. If you decide the workouts aren’t for you but you still want the watch, you’ll have to pay for the rest Difference.

Cigna — A free Apple Watch or Fitbit with subscription to Active&Fit

If you have Cigna, you can save 25% Active & fit Subscription. Corresponding Frequently asked questions from Active&Fit, Standard plans cost $29 per month, so you end up paying $21.75 per month. That might not sound as tempting as other offers here, but like I said by HowToGeek, this subscription includes a promo code for a free Fitbit or Apple Watch. If you think you would use the Active&Fit subscription, it could be a good deal for you.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield – 22% off a Fitbit

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shields “Blue365” program offers many offers, but a free fitness tracker is not one of them. Nevertheless, the company will strike 22% discount when you buy a new Fitbit, and offers 12 months of Fitbit Premium free (tied to Fitbit purchase). If you already have a Fitbit, you can purchase an annual membership for $56, $24 off the regular price.

Since you don’t need to connect this discounted Fitbit to an app, you can safely take advantage of this discount without signing your details. That’s a win in my book.

Humana—A Credit to Fitbit or Garmin

humana’s program, Go365, allows you to earn credits as you exercise, which you can exchange for rewards like a Fitbit or a Garmin. However, without access to the program, it’s not clear how many credits you need to earn these fitness trackers, or if these trackers are “free” or only available at a discount. If you have access to Go365, dig in to find out.

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