White Day: A Labyrinth Named School for PS5


White Day: A Labyrinth Named School for PS5

Publisher PQube and developer SONNORI will release a survival horror game White Day: A maze called school for PlayStation 5, according to a newly released Target listing. It is listed with a September 30 release date and a price of $39.99.

The PlayStation 5 version will feature over 30 costumes originally released as downloadable content.

PQube recently teased a white day-related announcement for May 31st. A continuation, White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies, is also under development. It’s currently unclear if the PlayStation 5 version of the original game is the only announcement scheduled for May 31, or if it will accompany more information about the sequel.

White Day: A maze called school is currently available for PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, iOS via App Store and Android via Google Play.

Here is an overview of the game via PQube:


Steel your nerves for Korean horror like no other! Take on the role of student Hee-Min Lee and brave the horrors of Yeondu High School in a terrifying survival horror game full of puzzles, secrets and – of course – deadly ghosts.


Prepare for one of the scariest games ever! On the eve of the “White Day” holiday, when gifts are distributed, new Yeondu High School student Hee-Min Lee slips into the school to hide a box of candy for the girl of his dreams. But when the school’s shutters slam shut, he finds himself in the building overnight, hunted by a murderous janitor and haunted by the troubled souls of the dead.

As Hee-Min Lee, can you stay hidden, solve the clues and uncover the dark secrets of the building’s past to survive the deadly threats? Or will the post-class horrors claim your life before you can escape? With no weapons to defend yourself, there’s no room for error in this tense, stealth-based bogeyman brimming with mystery and multiple endings.

main features

  • A classic horror for a new generation – The infamous 2001 Korean first-person survival horror, considered by original fans to be one of the scariest games ever, has returned by popular demand. Completely rebuilt for modern gamers and finally localized for a western audience, White Day: A maze called school is a true video game evil.
  • Scary story – Trapped in your school at night, you and your classmates must carefully explore the winding torchlit corridors, hiding from possessed stalkers and running away from evil spirits while trying to escape. With branching dialogue, collectible ghost stories, and hidden horrors, White Day: A Labyrinth Named School requires that you play with headphones and the lights off.
  • Multiple endings – Your actions determine where the story goes! Shape your relationship with the other students trapped at school to save or sacrifice your friends to unlock the nine different endings.
  • Tricky puzzles – Thanks to an environment full of classic-style survival horror puzzles, White Day will test your brain as much as your run button. Collect items, solve puzzles and fight against the clock to save your friends from certain doom and unravel the mysteries of the school.
  • Scammers never succeed – This school is wise for those who want to take shortcuts! The puzzle solutions change each time, so put away any thoughts of skipping the spooky parts with a guide.
  • Innovative dynamic shock system – Do you just want to record the story? Play on Very Easy to enjoy the adventure without the challenge. Do you want to prove your courage? Increase the difficulty to increase the scare and ghost activities, with spooks ready to erupt when you least expect it.
  • Traditional survival horror mechanics – Resource-based save points and limited healing items guarantee breathtaking thrills that take no prisoners.
  • New properties – Alongside brand new visual and audio effects, discover a brand new character, scenario, redesigned ghosts and special endings created specifically for this remake.

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