5 takeaways from the new BTS album “Proof”


5 Takeaways From BTS' New Album 'Proof'

bts have catapulted themselves to unprecedented fame in the two years since their last release in Korea. BE. They became the first K-pop act to be nominated for a GRAMMY, shattered countless chart and streaming records and sold out stadiums around the world. BTS have already proven there’s nothing they can’t do – hence their anthology album, to prove feels perfectly timed. It reintroduces BTS to the world, solidifying them for what they are: musicians who inspire.

Just in time for the group’s 9th anniversary, prove contains classic songs, unreleased gems and three new songs for fans to enjoy. Although BTS has spent the last year releasing infectious English tracks, this three-disc album showcases their depth and lyrical skills on top of their talent for producing catchy pop hits. A return to their primarily Korean music, it feels like BTS is back home.

With a total of 48 titles, there is something for new and old fans to discover. Ultimately everyone who listens prove will understand the musical journey that BTS has had since their debut.

Here are 5 takeaways from BTS’ new album prove.

It’s a love letter between ARMY and BTS

From the rough demos to the careful arrangement of the tracks to special songs like 2013’s “Born Singer”, prove is an album that only true fans can fully understand and appreciate. And that’s the point.

After a few years of putting out radio-friendly hits, BTS decided to release a project that would mean something to the fans who have rooted them over the years. Before the release of the group’s RM commented“Because the album’s focus is our message to our fans, who have been with us for nine years, we gave our lyrics the most attention.”

“Yet to Come” has a message of hope

As the title suggests, “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life)” initially feels like a lost track from BTS’ 2015 EP The most beautiful moment in life. Listen again, and you can unearth various lyrics chronicling the group’s journey from humble hip-hop group to your friendly neighborhood superstars: “That uncomfortable title we were given one day / We still are.” shamed when we are called the best,” the Korean text Translate. “You know, I just love music/ Not much has changed since then.”

However, the story is not stuck in the past. There is a clear message of hope that there is something better to come for everyone who will listen.

Run BTS is just as fun as the show

Most ARMYs know them variety show BTS has been doing Run BTS since 2015, in which they play games and do various activities as a group. Just like the fan-favorite show – which has allowed fans to bond with the band over the years – the new track of the same name is tasteful and up-tempo with the perfect dash of hip-hop.

With RM, Suga, j-hope and Jungkook working on the song it’s definitely a team effort. Although emotional ballads make up a large portion of the album, “Run BTS” captures the high-energy antics the group is known and loved for.

“For the Youth” is about gratitude

A lot of prove is fan-centric, but “For Youth” definitely stands out. Youth isn’t about age, it’s about feeling like you’re with someone who makes life worth living. For BTS, that’s ARMY and vice versa.

As the song begins, a full stadium sings “Epilogue: Young Forever” for the boys. The track highlights this special moment and gives BTS a chance to respond to it in a poignant way. Lyrics like “I open my eyes and it’s been 10 years / Hanging around Nonhyeon-dong” and “Cared for this flower, thanks to you I could be me” paint a perfect picture of the memories we shared together.

It’s hard not to cry

BTS has always been in touch with their emotional side and they have never shied away from vulnerability in their music. But it’s arguably more obvious than ever prove. Throughout all 48 tracks (especially the exclusive demos disc) there is a certain rawness that further humanizes the group.

With to prove BTS managed to capture some of the special moments of their career and add new ones. Whether they’re highlighting much-cherished tracks like “Spring Day,” adding fan-loved unofficial favorites like “Born Singer,” or summing up their journey with new tracks that focus on reflection and storytelling, the album serves as an exquisite reminder of the history of BTS and hope for the future.

The record comes timely as it comes at a time when the group appears larger than life but clearly aims to remind the world that with passion and hard work anything is possible. Thinking back on how long the road to recognition took for the septet deserves a tear or two, and sharing this moment with the fans makes it even more special.

While upbeat songs like “Dynamite” helped them dominate the mainstream, prove is a reminder that BTS’ ability to touch their audience isn’t limited to one emotion, genre or moment – and the proof is in the music.

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