8 Believable Stranger Things Fan Theories for Season 4 Part 2



Stranger Things season four is a standout part of the series, even though we only got seven episodes from Netflix.

Fans have a feeling that some of the burning questions we’ve had for years are finally being answered, and that’s because all of the stories from past seasons are forming into one big, complex myth.

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However, with that comes more questions as the story moves on and fans haven’t gotten the entire season to unpack all of the information they’ve been given.

The last part of the hit series comes to Netflix on July 1 in the form of two episodes. Episode eight will be an hour long, while episode nine will last a whopping two hours and 30 minutes.

That means a lot could still happen and fans think they might know what.

Here are 8 theories fans have come up with for Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2.

1. Eddie Munson will save Nancy from the reverse.

Someone on Reddit pointed out that in the original trailer for Stranger Things season 4, Eddie was in the Upside Down, playing his guitar on top of his trailer while a couple of speakers were set up.

“It seems he’s got some amps set up so he wants this music to be really loud,” they wrote.

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