8 things from AvengerCon we’d love to buy right now


8 things from AvengerCon we'd love to buy right now

The first episode of Mrs Miracle is available on Disney+ and introduces the eager and charismatic new heroine Kamala Khan to audiences around the world. The new series is just the latest in Phase Four of the MCU, and its star, Iman Vellani, has already won viewers’ hearts, with several fans sharing their excited reactions on Twitter.

A particularly exciting segment of this episode finds Kamala and her boyfriend Bruno at AvengerCon. Kevin Feige has already stated that this event could come to the real world, and if it does, there are several items that every fan is dying to grab.

Asgard Pride T Shirt

They made so many different items of merchandise and while these were brief glimpses, some items were given a special focus, like this Asgard Pride shirt. It’s no surprise that Asgardians show their pride as many prominent Asgardians like Valkyrie, Loki and Sylvie are part of the LGBTQ+ community.


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Valkyrie’s bisexuality is said to play a role in this Thor: Love and Thunder, with some fans hoping she forms a relationship with Jane Foster. Regardless, this shirt would fly off shelves quickly any time of year, so let’s hope Feige delivers on its promise.

Mr. Tree T-Shirt

Mr Tree T-Shirt from AvengersCon in Ms Marvel

Interestingly, there are some cool items that were surprising to see since the general public isn’t expected to know much about non-terrestrial characters like Groot. Unlike his fellow Guardians, Rocket and Nebula, Groot did not survive the snapshot of Thanos and thus never became an Avenger. As such, the public’s knowledge of this tree creature comes solely from the final battle against Thanos – but that didn’t stop anyone from making the cute Mr. Tree t-shirt.

There was also a sneak peek of what appears to be a Rocket Raccoon plush – something true fans may already have – despite being marketed as Trash Panda. Rocket would obviously hate the stuffed animals and the name change, but Groot might like being renamed Mr. Tree.

America’s Ass Caricature

Ms. Marvel AvengerCon Captain America

Of course, AvengerCon is packed with fun Easter eggs and references to the comics or earlier films. Most striking is definitely this cheeky artwork of Steve Rodgers’ Captain America, which clearly references the hilarious “America’s Ass” moment Avengers: Endgame that spawned thousands of memes.

Interestingly, as some fans have pointed out, any Captain America merchandise or memorabilia at AvengerCon is solely related to Steve Rodgers. It didn’t look like Sam Wilson’s Captain America had received any sort of recognition, despite having served in the role for at least a year at that point. Regardless, this fun work of art would surely sell out quickly, so let’s hope all the real-world equivalents are well stocked.

The Star Boy Story by Peter Quill

The Peter Quill Star-Boy Story at AvengersCon in Ms. Marvel

It appeared the Guardians of the Galaxy would have their own booth at AvengerCon, where someone posing as Drax was selling DVDs of Star-Lord’s likely unlicensed biography. The Star Boy Story by Peter Quill. Star-Boy’s clever use of Star-Lord is a subtle and funny nod to his arrival Guardians of the Galaxy when several characters don’t get his nickname right.

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Whether or not he’s involved at all, this movie would likely be quite entertaining and something fans would be keen to buy while they keep waiting The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Carol: A definitive account of the cosmic avenger

Ms. Marvel AvengerCon Captain Marvel Book

In a moment when you miss it, there’s an ad for something Kamala has probably already pre-ordered, a biopic about Captain Marvel. The book is titled Carol: A definitive account of the cosmic avenger. Its elements like this, the Star Lord DVD and all the inflight movies from Spider-Man: Far From Homethat make these worlds appear more real and authentic.

This is just a fraction of the role played by Captain Marvel Mrs Miracle without even showing up – although Carol Danvers’ return isn’t ruled out. Your connection will be incredibly important to him The wondersand fans could certainly see Kamala referencing this book when they first met, asking if it really was a definitive account of the cosmic Avenger.

comics in universe

Comics in the universe in Ms. Marvel

In addition to the books and films, the stories of these heroes and their great adventures have been translated into comics. While Kamala and Bruce play at a Captain America booth, a few comics are on display, including one titled Giant format comics. This is another Easter egg that itself references the Giant Avengers Comic series from the 1970s.

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In video game Marvel’s AvengersKamala Khan also attends an Avengers Convention – this time on a helicarrier instead of at Camp Lehigh. She had submitted her own comics to a contest, something at AvengerCon Mrs Miracle might have done it too.

Avengers Tours

New Asgard cruise ships as shown in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer

One thing fans would be quick to take advantage of at AvengerCon would be the trips to New Asgard. This actually solves a question some fans had when watching the first trailer Thor: Love and Thunder. It shows that New Asgard has continued to grow and become a tourist spot given the numerous cruise ships in the background.

With Valkyrie at the helm, the Aesir seem to continue to thrive. Unfortunately for Kamala, she likely won’t be able to visit New Asgard for some time. However, the opportunity is seemingly available to others, making real-world audiences even more jealous of what they are making available to them.

I was there

Ms. Marvel AvengerCon I was there

Far in the background of one shot, there appears to be a stand with an “I was there” banner. AvengerCon guests are said to be able to find “debris from the greatest Avengers battle” there, as can be seen on a sign. Of course, this would be a very busy booth in the real world as many fans would love to have a slice of Avengers.

However, these items are likely just debris or small knick-knacks and have nothing to do with Avengers. Regardless, those interested should beware, as these items could draw unwanted attention from Damage Control and maybe even Agent Cleary, who is returning Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Honorable Mention: Scott Lang’s Podcast

Scott Lang's Ms. Marvel Podcast

Now, that last pick wasn’t actually an Avengercon product, but it’s something that MCU fans immediately wish were real. As part of the excellent opening sequence, Kamala says she learned what happened during the Battle of Earth Avengers: Endgame called from a podcast with Scott Lang I’m big, I’m small.

While it might just seem like a funny joke, it actually answers a key question some fans had during Phase Four: how does the general public know about this fight and what happened in space Avengers: Infinity War with such details? It is now known that Scott Lang must have been largely responsible for spreading this news that has such a character, especially given that not everything is correct. It could also explain why Ant-Man is part of Rogers: The Musical.

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