A goal and a one-sided vendetta emerge – Big Brother Network


A goal and a one-sided vendetta emerge - Big Brother Network

Big Brother 24 got underway on Sunday night when the season’s first householder targeted another superfan, while another houseguest decided she would devote all her energies to chasing after someone with no legitimate reason.

The episode picks up after Elvis impersonator Daniel wins the HOH contest. And then we immediately get a bro session, which is pretty typical Big Brother.

Meanwhile, Pooch’s (Alyssa, Brittany, and Paloma) chosen backstage pass players panic and wonder what exactly this will mean for them. Don’t worry HGs, we’re all wondering that too. I’m starting to think Big Brother isn’t even sure exactly what this phrase still means.

We also see superfans Michael and Brittany lying to each other about their actual jobs. He tells her he works in an escape room instead of admitting he’s a lawyer. She tells him that she is not a clinical hypnotherapist but a toy tester.

And then, over some champagne, they all get to know each other a little better and pretend to love each other all summer long.

It doesn’t take long for Daniel to call the players together for a get-together about the season’s first have-nots. And BB put Daniel in charge of naming the have-nots. But Michael does it voluntarily. He thinks it would be an easy way to gain favor with Daniel. Joseph, Kyle, and Monte also volunteer. That way, Daniel doesn’t have to make his first HOH decision himself (which, as you’ll see, will become an issue of his HOH reign).

And then the alliances begin to form. Daniel and Nicole make a Final 2 that is basically based on nothing. He tells her that the moment she walked into the backyard, he knew she would be his Final 2 whether she likes it or not. And she agrees. She tells us in the diary room that he’s her ride or die. And they agree that their duo will be called the Rogue Rats.

The Rogue Rats agree to keep their thing super low and not be seen together. And we know that unless you’re Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy, that almost never works.

And then Paloma and Alyssa connect with being part of the backstage pass girls, sleeping in their makeup, and both being Scorpios. They also don’t mind their Final 2 very much. OK, it’s based on a little more than Daniel and Nicole, but not much more.

Meanwhile, Taylor works to bond with the boys because she knows the boys tend to team up on Big Brother. But the Scorpio sisters, especially Paloma, take notice and Paloma tells us through the journal that Taylor is digging a hole for herself. Remember that this is all in the house in less than 24 hours.

And then all the girls get together and realize that two women are missing – Nicole and Taylor. Nicole is traveling alone and Taylor is upstairs with the men. So they call Taylor “Pageant Girl” and immediately start ganging up on her. And while they hide their dislike of Taylor, the women decide to form this always elusive girl alliance.

And so Paloma, Alyssa, Jasmine, Ameerah, Indy and Brittany formed the Girls Girls Alliance and Paloma’s random vendetta against Taylor is underway.

Ameerah decides to be one of the first people to talk to Daniel about nominations. She wants to get the strong men on Daniel’s radar. So she tells him that the strongmen volunteered as have-nots this week just to try to protect themselves. And he believes it directly (Part 2 by Daniel not making any of his own decisions in this HOH).

Unlike Ameerah, Michael the superfan chooses to listen more and talk less. He decides it’s best to back off. He even prefaces his first conversation with Daniel with “I don’t want to bombard you…”. Sometimes it can be good to hold back, sometimes not. As a super fan, Michael knows it can go both ways.

He decides to actually talk to Daniel. It’s quite late in the evening before the nominations, but he offers him a pretty good promise. He tells Daniel that if he spares him this week and Michael wins HOH next week, he will protect him. But he interjects “I’m a big fan” and would hate to go home first.

And Daniel lets us know he’s not that keen on hooking up with another superfan. Daniel lets us know, which he even noticed, that Michael held the door open for the others as they went in, because superstitious superfans know that getting in first doesn’t usually win.

So from Ameerah’s tip to Michael’s superfan status, it sounds like Daniel has one of his nominations. But who will the other be?

Paloma decides to talk to Daniel about Taylor. As previously mentioned, she’s started this really one-sided vendetta against Taylor and wants to persuade Daniel to go after Taylor. As you could see from the lack of Taylor’s Diary Room recordings, this whole thing is very one-sided and questionable unfounded.

We also get Terrance and Jasmine discussing who the nominees might be. Terrance feels a bit of an outsider due to his age and doesn’t want to talk about the game right away. So that’s your next clue. Let’s get to the nomination ceremony and find out.

Daniel nominates Terrance and Michael for the eviction.

Check back here Wednesday night for our recap of the Power of Veto episode. And if you don’t want to wait to find out who won the veto, be sure to check out our Big Brother Power of Veto spoilers.

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