Busy Philipps announces she and Marc Silverstein have split


Busy Philipps announces she and Marc Silverstein have split

Marc Silverstein and Busy Philipps, pictured here in 2019, split in 2021. (Photo: Sasha Haagensen/Getty Images for Create & Cultivate and Mastercard)

Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein quietly split early last year, the actress revealed about her on Friday The busy Philipps is doing her best podcast.

That girl5eva Star and Silverstein, the screenwriter behind it He’s just not that into you, I feel prettywhich he also directed, and remarried in 2007. They share two children: 13-year-old Birdie, who is non-binary, and daughter Cricket, 8.

Philipps said that after their split in February 2021, she and Silverstein did tell some family and friends about it, but kept it public. One exception was when Birdie, who was still processing the breakup, posted about it on TikTok.

Busy Philipps and Birdie Silverstein attend a film premiere on March 22nd.  (Photo: Araya Doheny/WireImage)

Busy Philipps and Birdie Silverstein attend a film premiere on March 22nd. (Photo: Araya Doheny/WireImage)

“Marc and I really wanted to figure out how it would work and what it would look like for our family and our friends and family before we involve my public friends,” Philipps told co-host Caissie St. Onge. “And there was a big part of me that wanted to talk about it here on the podcast because you and I process so much. But because of the way celebrity culture is and how things are extrapolated, I just… it was a you know what I mean, because Marc and I respect the privacy of our kids, who we love so much, on safest way we could protect by not involving the public.”

While they still haven’t processed their decision, they’ve decided to announce that their relationship has changed… and is still changing.

“We’re in a place where we’ve had so many conversations and therapy conversations and all these things that we’ve decided it feels like it’s a good time for me to at least say it on this podcast” said Phillips. “I can also talk about how we do it because it’s a little bit different.”

For one, she explained, she and Silverstein bought a new house together as a family home, in which they have individual rooms.

“Well, we love each other. Very,” she said. “And we have these wonderful kids together, and there’s a lot of things that have really worked in our relationship, and the idea that our therapist came up with, that my therapist came up with… ‘What if you were able would be to keep the things that work in your relationship, remove the part or parts that don’t, and find a way to dedicate yourself to your children and their stability, and really to yourself? a tough job to do alone.”

Keeping a parenting partner in the family home, even after the split, was particularly helpful when Philipps fell ill with COVID-19 this month.

“Marc and I switch on and off when we stay there with the kids. Sometimes we are both there. We’ve both been there a lot with COVID lately. It was like all hands were on deck,” the actress said. “And I was so grateful in those 10 days that we did what we did because we got to be with our kids and we were all together when we were all sick.”

Still, the former couple’s approach to the end of their marriage wasn’t easy.

“Look, it’s not for everyone, and obviously within the arrangement there are a lot of complications and difficulties for both of us at times,” Philipps said. “The trick is obvious, and the point is that the kids don’t feel or see that.”

She noted that while she had used the term “divorce,” she hadn’t made it official.

“We haven’t even submitted anything yet,” Philipps said. “But we also forgot to legally marry for four months or so, so … I have friends who are like, ‘Are you guys ever really going to get divorced?’ I say, ‘I don’t know. Yes, probably. Probably. I guess so. I imagine it.'”

The experience reminded her of the mockery Gwyneth Paltrow faced in 2014 when she announced that she and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin were determined to what they put it consciously to decouple.

“I feel like sometimes people have that sneer or that judgment when they talk about unconventional ways of … not being in relationships anymore. She started talking about conscious decoupling, but gosh, how great for her that.” she started talking about the fact that there are many different ways to move through change in relationships. And like anything, relationships can be living things. They can change and become different things if you allow them to.”

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