Chris Pratt cried at the ‘Healthy Daughter’ backlash.


Chris Pratt cried at the 'Healthy Daughter' backlash.

The actor faced criticism last November for comments about his and Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt’s “healthy” baby, which some felt was disrespectful to his son Jack, who has struggled with health since birth.

Chris Pratt takes a moment to reflect on his controversy, beginning with the backlash surrounding his ‘healthy daughter’ comments.

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You may recall that in November last year, Chris caused a huge uproar over an Instagram post that many fans interpreted as a dig at his ex-wife Anna Faris and their 9-year-old son Jack.

For a bit of context, Chris shared a lengthy Instagram caption praising his current wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, for giving birth to their “beautiful, healthy daughter.”

It wasn’t long before crowds of fans were accusing the actor of shadowing his older son, Jack, who, in case you didn’t know, was born nine weeks premature and had to undergo numerous surgeries after suffering a brain hemorrhage during birth .

Both Anna and Chris have spoken extensively about Jack’s health, with Anna writing in her memoir that the ordeal actually brought them closer as a couple before their eventual split in 2017.

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Jack – who will be 10 in August – is happy and healthy, according to his parents, with only mild vision and leg muscle problems. Despite this, fans found the wording of Chris’ tribute to be insensitive to Anna and Jack.

I have two children. One is special needs. If someone described just one of my children as healthy and gorgeous, I would probably lose my mind. Anna Faris and her beautiful son deserve better than these cheap shots.

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Now, while reflecting on the backlash during an interview for a cover story with Men’s Health, Chris spoke candidly about what fans had seen as “a dig at his ex-wife,” telling the publication that he didn’t understand the backlash for ” crappy” stopped. ”

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“I said something like, ‘Find someone who will look at you the way my wife looks at me.’ And then I put some shit in her thing and said, ‘But I love you. I’m so grateful to my wife — she gave me a beautiful, healthy daughter,” he recalled.

“And then a bunch of articles came out and said, ‘This is so pathetic. I can’t believe Chris Pratt would thank her for a healthy daughter when his first child was born prematurely. That’s such a dig at his ex-wife,” he added.

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Going into more detail, the Guardians of the Galaxy star said his worries about the whole thing revolve around the prospect of Jack ever reading the backlash, which he said is “engraved in digital stone”.

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“This sucks,” he said of people’s interpretations of the comment. “My son will read this one day. He’s nine.”

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Chris said he was “crying” over the situation at the time, adding, “It really freaked me out dude. … I thought, I hate that these blessings in my life are a real drain on the people close to me.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Chris also commented on another controversial aspect of his personal life: his religion — or lack thereof, it now appears.

Before we get into that, it’s probably worth noting that Chris has become something of a poster boy for Christianity in Hollywood in recent years, often posting about God on social media, speaking publicly about his faith and promising to be “bold in the faith.” live” with Katherine when they married.

The religious association is also believed to stem largely from an acceptance speech he gave at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, in which he told viewers, “God is real, God loves you, God wants the best for you.” Believe that; I do.”

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With that said, he now seems interested in clearing the public’s perception of him, telling the magazine that he is in fact “not a religious person”.

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Referring to his memorable MTV speech, Chris said he understood why some people might not have loved it, admitting that “religion has been bloody oppressive for a long time.”

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“For me to stand on stage and say the things that I said, I’m not sure I’ve touched anyone,” he added, before expressing his confusion at how that speech confirmed his status as one defined by the more religious representatives of Hollywood .

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“I didn’t know that I was going to kind of become the face of religion when I’m not actually a religious person,” he clarified. “I think there’s a difference between being religious – adhering to man-made customs, often appropriating the reverence reserved for what I believe to be a very real God – and using it to control people. “

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Chris was also asked about the controversy surrounding his evangelical image — more specifically, he reportedly attended the controversial Hillsong Church, which included many other young Christians in Hollywood, before it became embroiled in allegations of misconduct and anti-LGBTQ practices .

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The suspicion that Chris ever attended Hillsong might stem from actor Elliot Page publicly calling him a member of a “notorious anti-LGBTQ” church in 2019.

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After Chris showed up The Late Show and speaking about his faith, Elliot tweeted, “Oh. K. Um. But his church is notoriously anti-LGBTQ, so maybe address that as well?”

Oh. K. Um. But his church is notoriously anti-LGBTQ, so maybe address that as well?

Twitter: @TheElliotPage

“If you’re a famous actor and you belong to an organization that hates a certain group of people, don’t be surprised if someone just wonders why that isn’t being addressed,” Elliot added.

If you’re a famous actor and belong to an organization that hates a certain group of people, don’t be surprised if someone just wonders why they aren’t addressed. Being anti-LGBTQ is wrong, there are no two sides. The damage it causes is severe. Point. send love to everyone

Twitter: @TheElliotPage

At the time, Chris vehemently denied being associated with any anti-LGBTQ groups, saying Elliot’s claims couldn’t be “further from the truth”.

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In an attempt to once again distance himself from these claims, Chris has denied all reports that he was ever involved with Hillsong.

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“I’ve never been to Hillsong. I’ve never been to Hillsong. I don’t know anyone from this church,” he said, instead confirming that he attends, though not exclusively, Zoe Church in Los Angeles.

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Founded by Chris’ friend, Pastor Chad Veach, Zoe Church is popular with the likes of Selena Gomez and Justin and Hailey Bieber — all of whom were also linked to Hillsong before the demise.

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