Joseph Quinn on Eddie’s Heroic Stranger Things Death, Metallica Solo


Joseph Quinn on Eddie's Heroic Stranger Things Death, Metallica Solo

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read if you haven’t seen Season 4 of Stranger Things, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Joseph Quinn had no idea what the plan was for Eddie Munson when he joined Netflix’s Stranger Things — but he knew he was excited to be a part of a show he’d been watching since Season 1.

“In the beginning I was told very little,” says Quinn, 29 diversity. “The Duffer Brothers told me I would be in at least four episodes, but I wasn’t picked for another season, so I figured if I did well, maybe they could invite me back. That didn’t work, of course! So they killed me, but that’s OK I guess. I’ll dust myself off!”

Little did he know that the bad boy leader of Hellfire Club, obsessed with heavy metal, would become a fan favorite. He also had an epic performance that got everyone talking.

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Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things
Courtesy of Netflix

To distract the Demobats, Eddie and Dustin (Gate Matarazzo) plan a metal concert in the season 4 finale – and for a while it actually works. The scene consists of Eddie standing on his trailer in the Upside Down and absolutely smashing the instrumental version of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”.

“I was fortunate to have learned to play guitar at a young age, so I had the foundation. I wasn’t a virtuoso by any means, but when it came time to shoot it, I did it,” says Quinn. “We had some sort of black belt heavy metal guitarist guiding us through the solo because that wasn’t going to happen! I couldn’t do that, but I could do the rest, which is lucky. It was an amazing experience.”

Music supervisor Nora Felder confirmed that Quinn played and that Metallica was very happy with it. “Joseph took his time learning the guitar riff and actually played along with a guide track,” she says. “Everyone thought he did a great job.”

It was also a special experience for the people on the set. “For much of the crew, it was the first time since the pandemic began that we all felt like we were in a live music environment,” says Quinn. “It was great fun to be able to do that with Gaten.”

Although Quinn is 10 years older than Matarazzo, it wasn’t difficult at all to bond with him, which was clearly felt on screen.

“It’s pretty easy if you really like the person,” says Quinn. “He’s a lovely man and a brilliant actor, and I appreciate the time we were able to spend together on these scenes through to this last one – and the last one itself. It was a real privilege.”

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Joseph Quinn and Gaten Matarazzo in Stranger Things
Courtesy of Netflix

Since the penultimate season of Stranger Things debuted last month, it’s been trending on social media and making waves on Netflix. Eddie’s “Chrissy, wake up!” scene has become a very popular audio for TikTok. While Quinn is trying to stay off social media, he’s seen it.

“It’s hilarious,” he says, noting that he loves how passionate the audience is because the cast and crew put in a lot of hard work for such an intense season.

“Everyone’s stamina was tested; It was a very long shoot. That was the hardest part – just staying invested emotionally and spiritually, staying in this world and connected because you don’t want to do anything by halves. It’s been a really, really long time — and that’s a big problem,” he says. What the cast did in their free time was pretty simple: “We played a lot of Spy, Me and the Gang. yeah [Keery] and I drank a lot of La Croix while I sat and talked. We would just try to make each other laugh and fool around.”

While Eddie’s current story is wrapped up, there’s always a chance of seeing him in flashbacks in the fifth and final season. Quinn quips, “Here’s hope.”

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