“Jurassic World Dominion” Global Gross is Over $325M – Deadline


"Jurassic World Dominion" Global Gross is Over $325M - Deadline

After Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick strut his stuff and Disney’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ $1 billion fee, Universal and Amblin’s Jurassic World Dominion will prove once again that nearly two years after cinemas reopened, there is a worldwide appetite for going to the cinema.

Jurassic World Dominionin which Colin Trevorrow returns to the director’s chair after skipping 2018 Fallen Kingdomwill see his worldwide box office success increase $325M+ after debuting in the US and Canada with at least $125 million in over 4,600 cinemas and one more $120M+ from 59 new offshore markets including China (150 million dollars+ if you include leftovers). The threequel got off to a strong start last weekend with $55.7 million from 15 territories including Korea and Mexico.

states, domination is poised to be the third best start for the franchise thereafter Jurassic worldin 2015 $208.8 million and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom‘s $148 million in 2018. All competing studios are staying away from the dinosaur runway in terms of new broad releases. Eight reviews on Rotten Tomatoes currently show 88% freshness (Fallen Kingdom was 47% lazy during Jurassic world was 71% fresh). there for a moment Jurassic world held the all-time national opening record in 2015 before being broken by Star Wars: The Force Awakens six months later that year with $247.9 million. Of course, that 3-day opening domestic BO record would ultimately be the property of Avengers: EndgameThat’s $357.1 million.

Part of the want-to-see factor here in the sixth law Movie is the full return of the original Jurassic Park Actors Laura Dern, Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum who last appeared together in the 1993 film. The production, which included 40,000 Covid tests and $6-8 million in pandemic protocols, was one of the few Hollywood tent poles to begin filming during the pandemic that was granted outside the US, with the start date extending from February July 2020, followed by a hiatus in October this year due to positive COVID results. As Deadline first reported, production was completed in early November 2020 after almost 100 days of shooting.

Here in the States we hear that advance sales for Jurassic World Dominion are on a similar level to those of Top Gun: Maverick before its opening, resulting in a 3-day price of $126.7M. There are some stunt previews for domination But the bulk of the preview money will be collected starting Thursday at 4:00 p.m. when everything is there too Top gun 2 Large format and PLF screens move on to the dinosaurs.


In spite of domination‘s presence, the notion is that both Top gun 2 and the prehistoric beast can live together and not cut each other’s ticket sales. Top gun 2 It is expected to decline around -50% for an estimated $45M third weekend. There’s a bit of overlap in the medieval demos of both films, though domination is aimed at families while the Tom Cruise film is older. On his second Monday Top gun 2 continue to do double-digit deals with $12.4Mbelow his running total $308 million.

With China just waking up and Beijing getting back to a somewhat normal routine, this is the market to watch. About 80% of cinemas in the country are believed to be operational, although those in Shanghai are still closed and there are capacity restrictions in other areas. Studio films have been playing in China since the last Covid wave and have been hit hard in these two key cities, but domination is the first major Hollywood title to be released there while most theaters are open. Pre-sales have been strong and depending on word of mouth the market could soar to over $40 million. f9, which isn’t a competition started last year in China in a healthier market at $136 million.

Here are some comps: in the same set of new overseas markets this weekend and at today’s rates, Jurassic world opened at $226 million ($187 million excluding previews). Fallen Kingdom bowed to $227 million ($212 million excluding previews).

Latin America ate up the early arc in the final frame, setting records in multiple markets domination. Family audiences turned up with anecdotal stories from four generations who attended the screenings. Last weekend’s top five were Mexico ($18.1M), Korea ($15.2M), Brazil ($4.3M), Italy ($3.4M) and Hong Kong (2nd place). $.9 million).

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