Kathy Griffin slams Johnny Depp in Scathing Rant, calling him a ‘bloated booze bag’


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The jury verdict of Johnny Depp vs. belongs to amber The libel trial has cleared the former’s name in the eyes of many, but not all are convinced of the former Pirates of the Caribbean Star did not physically abuse his ex-wife. Kathy Griffin, who went public with her support for Heard before the trial, has since commented on the jury outcome. Not only did Griffin make it clear that she believes Heard, she also had some scathing comments about Depp and his physical appearance.

The comments came from Griffin as a guest Just ask the question with Brian Karem. Speaking about the verdict and the support Depp has received, Griffin, along with his fans, fired multiple shots at Depp. As Griffin puts it:


“You know what I find funny? That’s because you have to find humor in everything. I love these Johnny Depp fans, ‘Stans’ as the kids call them, the Stans, these Johnny Depp Stans, who talk about this process and yet they refuse to show a picture of him like him what it looks like now, which is a big, orange, fat, bloated bag of liquor. He looks like Donald Trump with a ponytail. Here’s how they keep championing him: ‘Amber takes Johnny downstairs, he’s so beautiful and dreamy.’ I think okay he talks like kanye when kanye had his jaws wired. He’s got a fake accent, like when Madonna became British, so who are we kidding? He learned it (faking his accent) from his idol, Keith Richards. It’s like, how can people not see through such obvious affectation? And such an obvious whole thing as how he had his digital warriors out there. This is a middle-aged man. That’s pathetic.

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Kathy Griffin believes in Amber Heard

Kathy Griffin makes it clear she has no doubts about Amber Heard’s stories of domestic violence endured by Johnny Depp. For Griffin, she appears to back up Heard’s claim in court that Depp was rumored to have assaulted his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss in the 1990s, and suggests there were similar rumors about Winona Ryder, another ex.

However, Moss testified at the US trial that the rumors were untrue and has since supported Depp by seeing him perform on stage. Ryder had also written a statement for Depp’s previous UK trial, describing him as very affectionate and denying he had ever physically abused her. Griffin explains this by noting that Moss and Ryder may only have followed Depp to avoid a possible defamation lawsuit and public scrutiny, as Heard did.

“I’m friends with Amber Heard. I believe her completely… It’s really very disturbing for me as a woman and a lifelong feminist. Also, just so you know, I mean, there are stories going around in Hollywood about him being an abuser since Kate Moss first heard about it, and then Winona Ryder when they were dating, and he had the Winona (tattoo ) forever… But I’ll say, of course I can’t speak for these women, but I have to tell you, I’m wondering if they’ve changed their tune because no one wants to get Amber Heard-ed… Mine is very clear I know a bit about libel, and I think it was interesting to see it go down in an illuminating way, but I think it’s definitely going to set women back.”

There are other celebrities who have offered their support to Heard, including Meghan McCain, Amy Schumer, and David Krumholtz, but it’s safe to say they’re in the minority. Heard has also appealed the jury’s decision, so the litigation is not over yet.

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