Love, Victor Recap: Season 3 Premiere, Episode 1 – “It’s You”


Love Victor Season 3 Premiere Recap

The following synopsis spoils the premiere—but only the premiere! – from Love, Victor‘s third and final season, which was completely canceled on Wednesday.

Thank God the weather was nice on Mia’s father’s wedding night, because Victor has been standing on the doorstep of his mysterious husband since a long Time.

About a year after the end of Season 2, we found ourselves wondering if the title character had chosen Benji or Rahim. Love, Victor returned on Wednesday for a third and final series of episodes — and as the season 3 trailer heavily implied, Victor has chosen Benji as his only one. When Benji opens the door, Victor explains that he couldn’t let the night end if Benji thought Victor had moved on, and he recalls the first time he saw Benji at Creekwood High.

“It was at that moment that I realized that this lie I’d been telling myself my whole life was just going up in smoke,” says Victor. “You changed my life. I love you, Benji. You always have been.” Benji says he loves Victor too, and Victor takes him to the same bench at school, where they share their (real) first kiss during the There, Victor asks if they can start over and explains that they are there was little more than friendship with Rahim for a minute there, Victor is not confused now. I swear.” Apologies are exchanged, kisses shared, and while Benji sadly notes that he and Victor “wasted so much time,” these two finally seem to be on the right track.

At least for a minute! As is often the case in this series, Victor and Benji’s happiness is short-lived. They continue their romantic ride for a while after the reunion, but Benji is freaked out when he sees a sobriety checkpoint ahead, revealing he had a few drinks earlier in the night before Victor arrived. Victor is pretty cold about the whole thing: he switches places with Benji before the police see them, and the checkpoint goes smoothly; later that night when Benji’s father asks why winner has the car keys in his pocket when Benji was the one who initially grabbed them, Victor lies that he just wanted to experience driving a Range Rover for the first time, and Benji’s father buys him.

But the lie doesn’t sit well with Benji, who asks Victor to leave so he can be honest with his parents about what happened. And when Victor visits Benji the next day after receiving text message silence from Benji, Benji reveals that he is leaving for a three-week inpatient rehab program that he believes will be good for him. the previous night was not the only time Benji has fallen off a car in the past year, and putting Victor in danger by driving under the influence of alcohol the night before seems to have been Benji’s turning point.

“If you and I are going to have a real shot at training, then I need to find out, and I need to make it on my own,” Benji tells Victor, adding that Victor tells “anyone you really trust” about Benjis may true whereabouts for the next three weeks. What awaits Benji and Victor’s relationship after this break? “I’m not sure,” Benji admits, and Victor solemnly watches as Benji and his father pack up to leave.

On the plus side, some other couples had better luck during Wednesday’s premiere; here are the highlights:

FELIX & PILAR | Victor’s best friend and younger sister are officially A Thing, but Pilar is reluctant to reveal the new relationship to her parents; She even tells her mother while Felix is sit right therethat there is “no one” special in her life right now. Damn girl. Freezing. But when Felix later seeks advice from Victor on the matter, Victor shares that his parents – especially his father – are very protective of Pilar and they might not want to expose Felix to that just yet.

Pilar confirms Victor’s suspicion the next day, insisting to Felix that having such a protective father is “humiliating”. Felix has only known her as Victor’s little sister, and she doesn’t want him to think of her as a little child. However, in Felix’s eyes, Pilar is a “super smart, badass, exemplary neighbor whose father would murder me if he knew what was going through my mind” – and Pilar doesn’t hate that sound.

LAKE & LUCY | Lake and Lucy, aka “The Ship We’re All Here For,” get off to a sweet, if a bit bumpy, start on their romance. They hang out for a long time after Mia’s father’s wedding, and the conversation eventually becomes very flattering about each other’s looks…but when Lucy begins to lean in for a kiss, Lake backs away and lies that she thought she heard her phone buzzing .

When Lucy stops by the next day to return a sweatshirt that Lake had borrowed the night before, Lake apologizes for ruining the mood. “I think I was just scared,” says Lake. “Not because I didn’t want to, but because I did.” Lucy seems happily stunned by this revelation, and Lake finally agrees to the kiss. (Judging by Lucy’s reaction – “Holy s—t!” – it’s great.)

MIA & ANDREW | After a long drive, Mia and Andrew arrive at the address recently given for their mother and they quickly spot her in the crowd who are there for some kind of house party. Mia’s mom is very emotional about their reunion, which Andrew doesn’t really understand: If this woman is so proud of Mia and wishes she could be there to see the milestones of their lives… why isn’t she ever showing up?

“I’d be careful with myself too,” Mia’s mother later admits when Mia apologizes for Andrew’s brutal honesty. She also explains why she left Mia and her father years ago, sharing that “I got lost in this house” when Mia’s father refused to ever support her artistic ambitions. But she’s all too aware that leaving Mia was “selfish and horrible and the worst thing I’ve ever done.” and Yuust When it seems like common ground has been found and Mia’s mother insists she would do anything to have Mia back in her life, Mia suggests she move to Creekwood, which would allow the women to repairing their relationship while making sure Mia does. She doesn’t have to move across the country with her father. Mia’s mother likes the idea… but she’s about to go to an art residency in Prague for several months, and Mia is immediately crushed. “That was a mistake,” Mia says before she leaves – and when she gets home the next morning, she interrupts her father’s apology with a long, tearful hug.

RAHIM &…TBD! | And finally there is poor Rahim, who looks longingly out of his window, hoping that Victor will show up at his door after the wedding. (He even prays about it, at his mother’s suggestion.) The next morning, Rahim’s mother senses his disappointment and tells him, “I know it might not feel like it right now, but I believe God has one plan for you, and that plan includes someone who will love you with all their heart. So it is written.” “It is written,” agrees Rahim.

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