Maverick flies past the $500 million global box office by Sunday – Deadline


Maverick flies past the $500 million global box office by Sunday - Deadline

SATURDAY UPDATE: Paramount/Skydance Top Gun: Maverick is simply due to a hypersonic tear. Tom Cruise not only excels at domestic hubs, but also flies higher at the international box office. Friday’s number in 64 overseas markets was $19.6M, down just 21% from last Friday in the holdings. The ongoing offshore cume through Friday is $204.3M — which means $500 million worldwide is clearly on the horizon by Sunday.

Let’s remember that first TG:M is not yet in Korea, which is a huge cruise market; It goes there on June 23 after a visit from the team.

In currently released hubs, the United Kingdom really lit the flames with a Friday of $4.3 million, up 4% from last week’s opening day. The total there is $39.7 million. This is a big Bank Holiday weekend for Brits in the midst of the Platinum Jubilee, but people are clearly looking for other festive experiences.

in the Commonwealth, Australia‘s Friday was only 6% cheaper than the last session on the comparable day. The total there is $17.1 million. New ZealandIn contrast, it rose 6% to bring in $2.4 million through Friday.

In here France, Friday of this week was down 52% after last week’s Ascension Day holiday record. Local sales are $16.7 million and everyone I meet asks me about the film and schedules several viewings.

Japan is the second best grossing value at $16.6M as of yesterday.

Notable jumps include Taiwan where a second Friday at $915,000 was the double open. There’s likely a sense of pride adding to the momentum as the original Taiwanese flag appears on Maverick’s jacket despite being swapped out in early promotions. We’ve heard jubilation in cinemas at the sight of the patches.

Hong Kong ($4.6M Running Cume) was also up 6% from last Friday Thailand increased by 55% to a running total of $2 million.

In strong grips that UAE has now grossed $3.7 million in total middle East Region is $12.8M. BrazilWhere Jurassic World Dominion released ahead of schedule was down 25% to $7.4 million. in the Italywhere the dinosaurs went too early that TG:M The decline was 19% for $6.5 million through Friday. Mexico took a bigger hit due JWDfell 47% to hit $6.4 million yesterday.

Other notable markets and markets include Netherlands ($3.4M), Spain ($3.2M), Switzerland ($2.6M), Malaysia ($2.6M) and Singapore ( $2 million).

We will have a full update on Sunday.

PREVIOUS FRIDAY UPDATE: Paramount/Skydance Top Gun: Maverick recorded $185 million at the international box office until Thursday. This puts it on track to surpass $200 million in the offshore game today. Couple that with the equally supersonic performance of the Inland, and loner will top $400 million worldwide in less than two full frames.

On Thursday, Tom Cruise’s return to the cockpit surpassed the overseas endurance of the 1986 original top gun which was clocked at $176 million. We understand that the gross amount of this Tony Scott-directed film is difficult to translate into today’s dollars, partly given that the euro didn’t even exist prior to 2002 and box office reporting was very different back then. Regardless, this is a milestone.

Despite what could be seen as a distraction from the Queen’s platinum jubilee in the United Kingdomthis market has lit the fires for loner. That TG:M cume there is $35.4 million by Thursday. Coincidentally, the spectacle of Thursday’s flyby of Buckingham Palace by Royal Navy and RAF planes could essentially be tantamount to free publicity for loner while the market has a four-day holiday.

The second best market on TG:M so far France at $15.7 million by Thursday. The film capitalizes on coverage of the Cannes Film Festival premiere and love for Cruise there. I personally know people who have seen it here multiple times. And we hear anecdotal evidence of repeat visits elsewhere.

Just beyond France Australia and Japan are tied at $15.2 million through Thursday. The Middle East is $9.7 million, Germany $9 million, Brazil $7 million, and Mexico and Italy $6.1 million.

Revisiting with Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s ace fighter pilot 36 years after the original summer blockbuster is undeniably a treat for audiences. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, the film appeals to all demos, even moviegoers who weren’t there because of the original need for speed, and legs show when older demos come out for a mega-word-of-mouth film.

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