Morbius bombs again after memes push him to second release


Morbius bombs again after memes push him to second release

A Morbius meme that Dr.  Michael Morbius, played by Jared Leto, shows using what he calls it "bat radar" to search his surroundings after becoming a vampire.

After weeks disease Memes dominating the internet gave Sony the odd idea brings Jared Leto’s living vampire back to more than 1,000 theaters The last weekend. Maybe that’s what the PlayStation manufacturer was hoping for disease reveal themselves as one The room-Style cult classic here, but the blood-sucking superhero film bombarded theaters again, grossing just $85,000 at the box office on Friday. In other words, each theater it played in averaged just $85. It definitely is Not Morbin time.

disease had its original theatrical release in April. The Marvel-Sony Joint follows Dr. Michael Morbius, a human biologist who accidentally becomes a vampire after trying to cure himself from a deadly disease. It wasn’t a good movie by the reviews, and it certainly didn’t wow audiences, grossing just $170 million worldwide. But thanks in part to unauthorized 24/7 twitch livestreams of Jared Leto’s obnoxious method acting, disease was revived when hilarious Morbin’ memes surfaced online.

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But as funny as the memes are, they couldn’t save disease. Corresponding forbes, the Jared Leto-directed film, grossed an additional $85,000 on Friday, bringing its domestic earnings to $73.6 million. Box Office Mojo, a website that tracks a film’s performance as it moves through theaters around the world, doesn’t yet have weekend earnings for June 3-6, but it does have a report disease earned $35,360 over Memorial Day weekend, by which time it had shrunk to just 83 theaters. By pushing it back to 1,000 screens, Sony may have been banking on the idea that all the memes would drive people to theaters for gleefully ironic reflections, the kind that make you laugh at how bad the movie is . But why should people shell out to see disease in cinemas if it’s still streaming on Twitch, at the moment, for free? Hell, I wouldn’t, not if I can see Top Gun: Maverick or so.

Because here’s the deal: disease is not good. Not for a long time. It’s full of almost impossible-to-follow fight scenes, terrible one-liners, and no chemistry between leads Jared Leto and Matt Smith. The narrative itself is also riddled with enough plot holes and uninspired visual effects, of which there aren’t a lot disease Memes could make it quite a fun watch. It’s not the film itself, but the experience of watching it with other Twitch chatters, all united in ridiculing the cinematic disaster that makes it bearable, even fun. And that’s probably the best criticism I have disease.

Despite, despite disease bombing the box office not once, but twice, there’s a subset of viewers — or “Morbheads,” as they call themselves — who won’t stop yearning for a sequel. There is Funny titles for a whole range of imaginary films came up with it a whole MCU (disease Cinematic Universe), movies like Morbius: The Rise of Morbius and Morbius 54: Morbzilla. Some are jokingly tweeting about the countdown of the days until 2nd disease comes out. (Which is not confirmed, by the way). Even Jared Leto got in on the meme fun — if we can still call it that —post yourself and read a fake 2nd disease script written by award-winning (also fake) author Bartholomew Cubbins. You may know this name from several books by Dr. seuss

I’m not happy about Jared Leto jumping on the meme wagon. “It’s Morbin’ Time” is a joke, a catchphrase meant to mock the method-obsessed actor. We laugh at him, not with him, so it’s weird to see him suckle with us. Still, I kind of want to 2nd disease. That way the memetic phrase will hopefully stick to him like a letter of scarlet when the living vampire turns around to beat up some idiots. It’s the only way I’m waiting for a sequel if one ever happens.

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