Ricky Martin sued by ex-manager, references to “end of career allegation” – deadline set


Ricky Martin sued by ex-manager, references to "end of career allegation" - deadline set

Ricky Martin’s former talent manager has issued a stark warning to the Grammy winner and Emmy nominee: pay or catch the storm. Specifically, a lawsuit filed by Rebeeca Drucker in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday alleges that “more than $3,000,000 or proven and unpaid commissions are ongoing.” The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime History Star.

“Rebecca Drucker saved Ricky Martin’s career,” reads the often derisive 15-page oral breach lawsuit filed by the “Livin’ la Vida Loca” singer’s manager from 2014-2018 and 2020-2022. “There’s only one problem: Martin has completely and maliciously refused to pay Rebecca the millions of dollars in commissions he owes her under her management contract.”

The jury search complaint (read it here) adds that “Martin has now threatened Rebecca and is trying to force her to sign an agreement with a non-disclosure clause to tell Rebecca about the despicable behavior of Martin, which she both witnessed and.” has endured to silence.”

Unpaid commissions between agents and their former clients are a virtual subgenre on the LASC list. In the case of Martin and Drucker, however, the latter clearly and bluntly wants the former to know that she “will not be silenced.” “For years she protected Martin from the consequences of his reckless indiscretions. Rebecca did so not only because she was his manager, but also because she considered Martin to be her dear friend,” read the lawsuit, filed by attorneys Joshua M. Rosenberg and Armound Ghoorchian at Venable LLP.

Now, with claims of “a toxic work environment,” “a particularly ugly incident in Dubai involving Martin and his agent José Vega” in 2018, a “personal life … in disarray,” and “Martin’s failure to pay taxes and his drug abuse”. Drucker and her attorneys have done little to hide the fact that they believe they have the goods on Martin if he doesn’t settle.

Drucker and her team fire the cannonball of an unspecified “potentially career-ending allegation in September 2020” across the legal arc, signaling that they may not be the only ones who have the alleged merchandise against Martin. Amid the details of broken promises and commissions rising from 5% to 10% as part of a short-term reconciliation, a legal menace is perceived:

Rebecca not only acted to advance Martin’s career, but also provided services to protect it. In one of many examples, on or about September 2020, Martin received a letter from a highly respected litigator in Los Angeles, California. Rebecca stood next to Martin as they read the legal letter for the first time. In that letter, the attorney threatened to sue Martin publicly if he did not pay money to resolve a claim made by that attorney’s client against him. After reading the legal letter, Martin broke down. He expressed to Rebecca his extreme fear that the consequences for Martin would be catastrophic if this threat came true.

In response, Rebecca quickly brought in one of the best defense attorneys in Los Angeles that Rebecca had previously hired for a client. On Rebecca’s advice, Martin hired this prominent trial attorney to defend this devastating lawsuit. Needless to say, the claim ultimately never saw the light of day. Once again, Rebecca saved Martin’s career with the exceptional management and consulting services she provided him during this ordeal.

While the details of the potential scandal awaiting CAA-represented Martin remain under wraps, attorneys like Rosenberg and Ghoorchian probably wouldn’t make a statement like “retirement allegations” unless they have something to back them up With.

“This complaint only scratches the surface,” was all Rosenberg would say off the file Wednesday. “Rebecca looks forward to having her day in court and pursuing her claims before a jury.”

Martin’s representatives have not responded to requests for comment on Drucker’s complaint or her claims. If so, we’ll update this story. We understand that Martin is being represented in this matter by Lavely & Singer, with Andrew Brettler taking the case.

A companion EP to his Latin Grammy-winning EP will be released soon Break, Martin is also on board to star in the upcoming Apple TV+ series Mrs. American Pie. Written by Abe Sylvia and directed by Tate Taylor, the comedy also stars Carol Burnett, Kristen Wiig, Josh Lucas, Allison Janney and Leslie Bibb.

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