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Warning: This post contains spoilers from Wednesday’s season finale survivor.

With only five players left to start survivor‘s Finale, all goals were big, daring and ever-changing. After 23 days in the elements, it was still up for grabs for everyone.

In the wake of Omar’s blindside last week, Lindsay finds herself in hot water after voting for her (former?) ally Jonathan. When the tribe arrives at a brand new beach with no shelter or tarp, the gloves are clearly off. Lindsay wants to know why she was voted out, but since she voted for Jonathan, he doesn’t want to be part of their “alliance” anymore.

As they argue, Romeo tells everyone that he has an idol. He even designed a small bracelet to sell his story. It’s not the best looking thing in the world, but it’s something I think. The trick feels like it’s too little, too late. Almost as if he had made his own participation trophy. (There’s no way in hell anyone would believe him, is there?)

The next morning, Mike tells Romeo that they need Lindsay, only to then tell Lindsay that he would be willing to use his idol on her. But he Also said Maryanne the same! (Is it me, or does this guy keep writing checks that he knows he can’t cash? That’s not him Big Brother House, Mike!) All these nice guys can’t go down well at a Final Tribal, can they? If I sat next to Mike in the final, I would use that as ammunition against him.

All five players receive an envelope with an indication of an advantage for the next challenge. They have a sentence to decipher and can’t look for the benefit until they figure it out. Lindsay is the only person who cracks the code: “Happiness lies in the toes of the sleeping giant.” She wanders all over the island until she finally figures out what the “toes” are and finds the final goodie of the game. She rips open the package and says she has a “slight advantage” in the immunity challenge. Will helping her save her (sinking) game will be enough?

Summary of the survivor finaleIMMUNITY IS TO GET BACK | Players must race through a series of obstacles while collecting puzzle pieces. First done, yada, yada, yada. But they also play for rewards: pasta, garlic bread, meat sauce, cake, salad and red wine! Yes Jeff That is worth playing.

Lindsay’s advantage: Everyone else has to untie six knots for each puzzle bag. She just has to untie one.

Jonathan is flying through those obstacles, proving those players should have grabbed him weeks ago. As Probst drools again over Jonathan’s physical abilities, Lindsay falls off an obstacle and has to backtrack to give Aquaman time to catch up. Jonathan and Lindsay both get their bags and are the first two to solve the puzzle. After a few minutes, Lindsay or Mike appear to be winning, and Mike narrowly wins everything. one. Piece. Mike then selects Jonathan to eat the meal with him. (Which is…pretty stupid? Even if Jonathan is my buddy, I wouldn’t want to give him the gas.)

WAREHOUSE | Jonathan asks Mike if he would use the idol on him if Lindsay pulls out one of her own. Mike agrees. But he already said he would use it on Maryanne. and Lindsay! (You Get an idol! and she Get an idol! Everyone! Body! receives! An idol!) It’s madness, I tell you.

Lindsay then makes a heartfelt request to Mike, who once said he would love to see her to the end. She tells him that she has earned his loyalty, and he doesn’t disagree. Also, she never lied to him once. Your plea is good and uses emotion to appeal to an emotional player, but will it suffice?

Meanwhile, Maryanne wonders if she should help rescue Lindsay she Idol. She’s still trying to make another splashy move in front of the jury, and a Jonathan blindside could be it. But it all depends on what Mike decides to do.

Survivor 42 Finale Synopsis Lindsaytribal council | Lindsay talks about being a sitting duck and knows she’s going home even though she’s found the last advantage. She tries to downplay her game based on the fact that Omar duped her, but Jonathan says that’s far from true. You have to admire the struggle she has in her. The woman walks heavily.

Jeff demands benefits and idols after voting. Mike gets up and applies it…Maryanne. Romeo then throws his fake idol (which he’s trying to play as a big show, but nobody cares – I don’t anyway) and Maryanne into the fire Not play theirs. No surprise here: Lindsay joins the jury.

IMMUNITY #2 | It’s time for one survivor Classic: Simmotion. (Maryanne knows the name of the challenge, which Jeff seems to impress.) Before the challenge begins, all the players talk about what drives them, leading Maryanne to raise a family member who isn’t currently speaking to the rest of her family. Jeff says it’s on survivor could possibly bring them all back together, and she tearfully says she wants more than a million dollars.

The challenge begins and everyone takes their first ball and drops it into the jig. Mike can’t even get past the warm up! He drops his second ball and becomes the first person out of this challenge.

Anyone not named Mike successfully adds a second ball and shortly thereafter Maryanne falls out! (It’s crazy to me that people fall so fast, but I also just ate dinner big enough to feed three after slamming down coffee all day and sleeping like the childless adult I am so who am I to judge?) After placing ball four, Jonathan slips and Romeo earns his place in Final 3.

WAREHOUSE | Mike knows he’s being sent into the challenge of starting a fire. He feels he can beat Maryanne but is unsure if he can conquer Jonathan. Knowing this is her best shot at winning, Maryanne gives Jonathan some tips on how to set up a quick fire. (Also, I never let a firemaking challenge go by without putting it in writing: I HATE THE CHALLENGE OF FIRELIGHTING. Hate, hate, hate survivor annoys me beyond belief.) The general consensus: Maryanne and Romeo do Not want Mike to sit with them in the finals.

Survivor 42 Final Recap ChallengeTRIBAL #2 | Mike is indeed the target, and Romeo makes it official: Maryanne is in the Final 3, and Mike and Jonathan are fighting in the fire. The challenge begins and Mike is the first to get a flame. But Jonathan’s flame also starts just as Mike starts licking the rope. Mike’s flame grows to a full fire, and moments later his blue flag waves high. Jonathan is now the last member of the jury.

LAST TRIBAL | Tori asks the finalists if their perception of them is correct. Mike says yes, despite the Rocksroy vote. Maryanne argues against the idea that she didn’t care enough about the game. She says she saw how quickly strategic younger players (like Swati and Tori) were voted out and corrected herself on the merger. Omar then calls Mike about lying to Drea, but Mike insists he kept his word to everyone except Rocksroy. Hai and Omar don’t seem to appreciate Mike’s lack of gaming responsibility, but Drea calls his social play “on point.”

Omar claims Maryanne’s board game was ‘sloppy’. She elaborates, saying that she didn’t realize she was being sloppy until the fake fusion. From there she wrapped it up and was able to make more strategic plays like the one to boot Omar.

In terms of strategy, Drea asks what each finalist’s signature play was. Romeo says he had to go into self-preservation mode and explains how he made a fake idol. Hai asks why he got Maryanne into the finals, and Romeo says he thought she didn’t use her own strategy enough. Mike says he played both a strategic and an emotional game, but connecting with Omar and Lindsay helped him form alliances and nurture relationships. Maryanne tells them that by voting Omar out, she lined up with every combination of players to ensure she would sit in the Final 3. She then says she kept the only secret of the season and pulls out the merge idol for all to see, which seems to impress the jury.

Chanelle asks about her personal development, which brings Romeo to tears, knowing he wasn’t just playing for himself. He didn’t want to play from below, but those were the cards he was dealt over and over again. He’s also happy to leave this game a “free man,” regardless of what his religious family back home may think. He thanks Hai for helping him with this.

Survivor 42 Finale Summary MaryanneMike says he’s glad he proved that an older guy like him could come out and compete with people half his age. He learned that he could still do what he could no longer do and he looks forward to his children seeing what he has achieved.

Maryanne says she realized she was self-sabotaging because she wanted so badly to save Lindsay with her idol. She knew she couldn’t hit her friend, but she was afraid that her friendship would be rejected after the fact. She knows she’s still learning and growing, but she had to rely on herself.

AND THE WINNER IS… | The jury votes, and Probst tells them there’s another twist this season: the votes are read on the spot. Right. Now. The jury explodes! (Of course we knew what to expect.) Probst reads the results and Maryanne becomes the winner survivor 42!

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