The 3 zodiac signs with rough horoscopes for Wednesday May 25th, 2022



What makes this day seem a bit more difficult than we anticipated is that feeling that many of us are going to carry with us today, which is the feeling of being bored.

There are some zodiac signs that don’t even know what boredom is; They are fine with “nothing to do” as they rely on their wits and imagination to escape.

However, there are other signs that need the stimulation of challenge to function, and these signs will be most affected and impacted by today’s major transits, Sun sextile Moon and Mercury trine Pluto.

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We want to be entertained today. We are unwilling to do the work ourselves, and to ease the boredom of what is NOT actually happening, we turn to others for distraction.

And when we do that, we might come off as thinking we’re kings; We crave the distraction of those who would entertain us, and when we find that not everyone is up for that position, we become resentful and disillusioned.

One thing leads to another and before we know it we’re angry and start taking our frustration out on everyone that comes into our line of sight.

It’s a bit silly when you think about it; right in front of our eyes we have everything we need to make this a productive, fulfilling day, and yet some of us will be on the hunt for trouble.

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