The 3 zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on Wednesday June 15th, 2022



Between the moon trine Uranus and the moon square Mars, our days should be filled with a lot of stop and go. Our desire to get things done today is fueled by passion and drive; We’re not joking that day.

We might have reserved that day to accomplish something great. This is how we react to the Moon squared Mars; we want to finish, as the saying goes.

And nothing stands in our way when we want something, right? Not correct.

As it would be nice to think that good old fashioned effort would get the job done, there’s also good old fashioned Moon trine Uranus to stop the proceedings at the top.

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So stop and go. Go and stop. Get used to this ride because that’s what these two interplanetary punks have in mind for us today.

That makes this a tough day because we weren’t ready for the whole “gosh, look how the universe is teaching me a personal lesson” thing. We just wanted to do our thing and call it quits.

But no. Instead, we’re hungry for excitement and action while having to stop 40 times to make sure everyone can handle it.

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