The 3 zodiac signs with rough horoscopes The week from June 6th to 12th, 2022



It is not easy to believe that some of us will not have a sidereal week of June 6-12, 2022 due to our zodiac signs.

Still, it would be pretty naïve to think there won’t be any ups and downs, especially given the week’s Transit lineup during the Gemini season.

We start with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius already gaining traction. Then we go through a week filled with the moon opposite Saturn (double Saturn action, never fun).

Pair these astrological transits with a Quarter Moon in Virgo on Tuesday June 7th, Virgo Moon trine Pluto on June 8th and then an exciting, rough time brought on by lunar opposition Mars.

Yep, lunar trine Saturn (again?) and lunar opposition Uranus to round out the week off. phew

Sounds terrible, but what does all this mean in the real world?

Saturn means our week will be ruled by limitations. Well, setting boundaries isn’t always a bad idea if you’re one of the three zodiac signs having a rough week.

In fact, we can do well when we practice discretion and discipline; However, there’s more to this week than just the idea of ​​being limited.

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