The 3 zodiac signs with the best horoscopes as of Thursday, June 2, 2022



Today’s energy is becoming more determined and rigid in the realization that your truth is undeniable.

Saturn in Aquarius prepares to turn retrograde on June 4 as the planet slows its energy and intensifies, making you feel less like engaging in life’s gray areas.

Saturn is the planet that governs divine timing, karmic lessons and limitations.

While not necessarily fun, this is a planet responsible for transforming your entire life once many of these karmic lessons have been learned.

Saturn helps you hold on to what you know to be your truth, rather than letting it seem bland or asking permission of others to pursue it. Today, Saturn in Aquarius makes a deep connection with Mercury retrograde in Taurus.

One is preparing to go straight; the other is just beginning its retrograde journey.

This highlights topics of what you will communicate or be flexible about and what you want.

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Life is all about flowing, but the difference between that and just going with the flow is knowing your truth and holding on to it. This is becoming possible today.

Mercury and Saturn form an alliance that will help you honor your deepest truth without apologies.

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