The 50 Best Restaurants in the World 2022: Previous Winners


The 50 Best Restaurants in the World 2022: Previous Winners

The World’s 50 Best List has once again produced an elite Copenhagen tasting restaurant, years after it revised its voting body and rules after criticism of sexism and favoritism for European-leaning, male-led tasting menus – and Copenhagen’s Noma, which has won all along one.

Chef Rasmus Kofoed’s Geranium, one of Denmark’s most celebrated culinary establishments, has earned the title of ‘Best Restaurant in the World’ in the first year that Rene Redzepi’s Noma was disqualified. Noma took first place in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2021: The World’s 50 Best organization introduced a rule change in 2019 stating that restaurants cannot win a second time, but Noma still managed a last one after it closed Victory and moved to a new location. Along with Noma, Kofoed’s Geranium is one of Denmark’s two three-star Michelin restaurants. Located on the eighth floor of Copenhagen’s National Football Stadium, the restaurant announced last year that it would scrap its already modest meat offerings on the ~$437 menu to focus on seafood and vegetables.

Central in Lima finished 2nd, while Disfrutar in Barcelona took 3rd place. The results were announced during a ceremony in London moderated by Stanley Tucci. Ahead of the ceremony, World’s 50 Best organization confirmed that Russian-language restaurants would not be eligible for the list this year given the country’s attacks on Ukraine. A spokesman told Eater: “We do not hold restaurants or bars individually responsible for the actions of their governments and we recognize all those in Russia who have bravely denounced the actions of their leaders. However, by including Russian restaurants or bars in our top-flight lists, we would be implicitly supporting hospitality-driven tourism in Russia, increasing revenue in the country, and indirectly supporting the government through taxes… As an organization, we don’t believe it’s right to make Russia the promote as a food or drink destination at this time.” This change effectively removed 2021 list makers, White Rabbit and Twins Garden, from the list.

In the list’s 20-year history, only European or North American restaurants have occupied the “best” restaurant spot. No South American or Asian restaurant has ever made it to the top, and there is no Middle Eastern restaurant on the top 50 list. There are no restaurants on the list from India, a country of 1.38 billion people. The only restaurant from Africa, a continent of 1.28 billion people, is a South African place experimenting with Japanese techniques.

In addition to the Top 50 list, René Frank was named World’s Best Pastry Chef by Coda in Berlin; Leonor Espinosa was named the world’s best chef and Josep Roca took home the world’s best sommelier award. The Art of Hospitality Award went to New York’s Atomix: Atomix was also the top-rated US restaurant on the list at #33. Wawira Njiru from Kenya received the Icon Award. Here is the complete list:

The list of the 50 best restaurants in the world 2022

50. Single Thread, Healdsburg, CA

49. Ikoyi, London

48. Leo, Bogota

47. Oteque, Rio de Janeiro

46. ​​​​Bel canto, Lisbon

45. Narisawa, Tokyo

44. Le Bernardin, New York City

43. Borago, Santiago

42. Quique Dacosta, Denia, Spain

41. La Cime, Osaka

40. Schauenstein Castle, Furstenau, Switzerland

39. Sorn, Bangkok

38. Jordnaer, Copenhagen

37. Funen, Cape Town

36. Odette, Singapore

35. The Carnation Club, London

34. Hisa Franko, Kobarid, Slovenia

33. Atomix, New York City

32. Mayta, Lima

31. Arpege, Paris

30. Florilège, Tokyo

29. St. Hubertus, San Cassiano, Italy

28. Le Clarence, Paris

27. Hof Van Cleve, Kruishoutem, Germany

26. Restaurant Tim Raue, Berlin

25. Frantzen, Stockholm

24. The Chairman, Hong Kong

23. The Jane, Antwerp

September 22, Paris

21. Mugaritz, San Sebastián, Spain

20th Den, Tokyo

19. Piazza Duomo, Alba, Italy

18. Alchemist, Copenhagen

17. Nobelhart & Dirty, Berlin

16. Elkano, Getaria, Spain

15. Reale, Castel di Sangro, Italy

14 Don Julio, Buenos Aires

13. Steirereck, Vienna

12. Uliassi, Senigallia, Italy

11. Maido, Lima

10. Le Calandre, Rubano, Italy

9. Quintonil, Mexico City

8. Lido 84, Gardone Riviera, Italy

7. A Casa do Porco, Sao Paulo

6. Asador Etxebarri, Atxondo, Spain

5. Pujol, Mexico City

4. Diverxo, Madrid, Spain

3. Disfrutar, Barcelona, ​​Spain

2. Central, Lima

1. Geranium, Copenhagen

Additional reporting by Erika Adams.

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