The best fan reactions on Twitter


The best fan reactions on Twitter

Who’s ready for some head popping?

After waiting two whole years The young is (are) back. The third season of this idiosyncratic series is filled with humor, strong language, ultra violence (some very weird stuff), higher stakes, newer (actually older) superheroes, and a new version of Compound V that grants users 24-hour powers.

The series picks up where it left off at the end of Season 2, beginning with a demoralized Homelander trying to redeem his image after dipping his toe in Stormfront’s fascist pool. I was stunned when I saw Charlize Theron make a cameo.

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Starlight is made co-captain of The Seven, and the Boys begin investigating a superhero group called Payback, led by Soldier Boy (unsubtly based on Captain America). Homelander is getting crazier by the minute, scaring everyone around him to death except for Stan Edgar. But this time the playground has been leveled slightly, as Temp V can bestow anyone with superpowers.

Let’s see what the internet has to say about the third season of this wild ride.

This season is wilder than the last.

#TheBoys Season 3 is even more depraved than previous seasons. And I mean that as the BIGGEST compliment. It goes places no other series ever has. And Homelander is easily one of the scariest super villains of all time. Prepare yourself. #TheBoysTV @PrimeVideo @TheBoysTV

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The young meets the right brands.

Season 3 of The Boys completely guts the bro-ified, musky-cultural culture. Destroy white nationalism and corporate greed. gun culture too. It is one of the best commentaries on contemporary America that I have ever read or directed.

Twitter: @mikefreemanNFL

Anthony Starr did a commendable job of making Homelander despicable.

Anthony Starr as Homelander is easily one of the greatest villains we’ve seen in live action. he is absolutely terrifying! The Boys Season 3 Episode 2 Spoilers | and basically a parody of the all-star supermen scene

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Luckily I had my dinner hours before I started watching Season 3.

Don’t start Season 3 of #TheBoys while you’re eating. I repeat, don’t even think about watching the first 14 minutes while you have food in your mouth. thanks me later

Twitter: @badal_bnftv

Now we’re all groping in the dark.

#TheBoys are really freaking nervous that almost all of the trailer content is from the first 3 episodes so now we’re completely in the dark for the rest of the season. that will HURT

Twitter: @leohoratio

Charlize Theron is on a superhero role.

Holy shit it’s Charlize Theron as Stormfront I can tell this season is going to be another smash! #TheBoys #TheBoysTV #TheBoysPremiere #bhfyp

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Stormfront is always ready for the task at hand.

It’s not #TheBoys when at least one very disturbingly detailed penis is shown. Season 3 started strong. 💀 Also… Stormfront, giving Homelander a cell phone cost me years of my life

Twitter: @genehsees

I’m pretty sure Maeve will get more scenes, but she’s barely there for the first three episodes.

Twitter: @danversbelova

I just hope Frenchie doesn’t force herself on Kimiko again like she did in season one.

The best thing about the boys season 3 is that Frenchie and Kimiko are now able to communicate fluently in their sign language as it really makes me so happy


The actor who played the younger version of Stan Edgar gets noticed.

Holy shit, I just experienced the best acting/casting I’ve ever seen at the cinema. Justin Davis, who played the younger Stan Edgar, was fantastic. His mannerisms, movements and speech were spot on. If I’ve ever seen a younger version of Giancarlo Esposito in any film, it must have been him! #The young

Twitter: @Pedguin

Lots of mayhem in Episode 3.

Butcher pukes on Hughie, Annie and that supersonic guy flirting right in front of him and now Annie and Homelander are gonna go out in front of the whole world oh wow this isn’t his season at all😭😭poor guy #TheBoysTV #TheBoys

Twitter: @maybqnks

How do you like it The young until now? Let me know in the comment section below!

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