The Boys Season 3 Episode 6 Recap


The Boys Season 3 Episode 6 Recap


Another episode of The young will surely get his audience talking. Whether it’s the orgy scene, Marvin covering himself in cum, Homelander’s melee to the death, or Starlight’s speech at the end, there’s plenty to remember.

This recap of the Amazon Original Series The Boys Season 3 Episode 6, “Herogasm” contains spoilers.

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The young Season 3 Episode 6 Summary

Now that Homelander knows Soldier Boy is back, he decides to find and kill him. Meanwhile, Soldier Boy tells Billy that if he helps him track down his former team, he will kill Homelander. When The Female, aka Kimiko, texts Frenchie, she is attacked. A-Train wants to press charges against Blue Hawk for his violent attack and paralyzing his brother, but Ashley calls him about his hypocritical behavior.

As Homelander grapples with recent events, Soldier Boy tells Hughie he didn’t mean to kill anyone; Instead, he just passed out. Billy finds an address for the TNT Twins, so Hughie does more Compound V. Starlight and Neuman have a chat, and Neuman reveals that she knows Hughie knows the truth about her. But instead of killing Hughie, Neuman wants her and Starlight to bond while increasing their social connections. Neuman claims it is for her daughter. However, Starlight responds with “F**k you” and either “Pop her Head” or “Get the Hell Out”.

When Nina holds Frenchie hostage, she threatens The Female’s life. And just when it seems The Female might be dying, she breaks out and causes a bloody killing spree. It nearly results in her death, but when her powers return, she is able to violently stab the thug who had tried to kill her. In the episode, Frenchie and The Female learn that Nina has left.

After Marvin reveals that Soldier Boy is responsible for his grandfather’s death, he and Starlight go to an orgy party for heroes. Starlight fears that Soldier Boy will slaughter everyone there, unaware that Hughie is also at the party. After Marvine is dug into superhero C*M, Starlight enters The Deep and has sex with an octopus. She learns from The Deep that it was Homelander’s idea to take part in the orgy. And when Hughie bumps into A-Train, he uses his newfound powers to punch him.

The end

When danger mounts, Hughie teleports Starlight away. The two then argue, and Hughie finally admits that it bothers him that Starlight is more powerful than he is. Marvin comes face to face with Soldier Boy. But if he throws a smoke grenade, nothing happens. And finally, Billy stops Marvin from moving on.

Soldier Boy tracks down the TNT twins. When he originally says he’ll let her go if he admits guilt, the loud music causes him to explode. With the TNT twins and several others dead, Hughie attempts to stop Starlight from returning to the ruins. The Deep flees with his octopus while A-Train takes revenge on Blue Hawk and kills him by running him through the streets.

Homelander arrives and watches the rummage, and after Soldier Boy taunts him as “cheap fake,” Homelander, Soldier Boy, and Billy fight. Even Hughie joins in. But ultimately, Soldier Boy can’t kill Homelander. And that’s why Homelander takes off. In the closing moments of the sixth episode of The young In season three, Starlight records a public message against Homelander. She reveals that Soldier Boy is to blame for the explosion and that something terrible happened to Queen Maeve. And she ends the message by saying that she’s not Starlight, she’s Annie January, and she fucking stops.

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