The Boys Showrunner on the season 3 finale and what’s in store for season 4


The Boys Showrunner on the season 3 finale and what's in store for season 4

Warning: Contains the following full spoilers for the boys’ third season!

The third season of The Boys has come to an explosive conclusion and the finale capped a season we proclaimed one of the best we’ve seen in years. As the brutal wait for Season 4 begins, we thought it would be the perfect time to sit down with The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke to talk about the biggest moments of that final installment and what it holds for the future of the series reveal.

From Homelander’s continued rise to power, to the grin on Ryan’s face, to Victoria Neuman as VP for the future of The Seven, Kripke was more than ready to talk about “The Instant White-Hot” and what’s to come for The Boys, to speak.

It’s Homelander’s world and we only live in it

The Boys season 3 finale is perhaps the show at its most hopeful and darkest, and what is to come very well can be decided by Homelander and perhaps even more so by his son Ryan.

We see Ryan with a small grin on his face as his father kills a protester in the finale, and that small smile has unimaginable potential consequences not only for our heroes but for the world at large. What if Homelander gets to keep raising him? Will the best parts of him come out now that he’s a parent to save Ryan from walking down a dark path? Kripke clearly does not believe that.

“No, Homelander is a piece of shit even if he takes care of his son,” Kripke said. “If he gets to raise Ryan, he will raise Ryan to be a second Homelander who will have apocalyptic missions. If he stays in this environment, he’s on his way to becoming another Homelander. And so I think it’s indicative of what’s going to be one of the biggest conflicts of season four, which is that Butcher and Homelander have this fight over Ryan.”

Speaking of Butcher, he must contend with his ultimate diagnosis due to his use of V24 while also using whatever time he has left to get Ryan away from Homelander.

“[Butcher] has a serious problem,” said Kripke. “He has a very loud ticking clock. He needs to get Ryan out of there, he’s still hoping to destroy Homelander, and they have the Neuman problem. I mean, it’s early in Season 4, but so far it’s been really interesting, when you’re really facing your own mortality, and really walking out the door, you start to really think about what’s important to you, and what would you like to do with the remaining time?

“So he has to prioritize. He has to decide which of those goals are most important to him and pursue them, whether that’s what the CIA wants from him or what the other guys want from him. He needs to get down to business before he dies.”

The Reign of Victoria Neuman and the State Vought International and The Seven

Victoria Neuman played her own game in this story and her main focus this season has been taking care of herself and her daughter. Now, having paved her way to Vice President of the United States, she has more power than ever. How will this affect the US and our protagonists?

“Look, she’s Stan Edgar’s daughter in a lot of ways, and by that I mean she has a kind of raw, unbridled ambition,” Kripke said. “I think she’s telling herself that she wants to make the world a better place for her daughter, I think she’s telling herself that she probably has a pretty liberal agenda, but she’s ruthlessly climbing as high as she can because I don’t even know if she could fully define the reason for herself. It’s just her nature and how she was raised.

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