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The MCU’s latest hit film is that of director Taika Waititi Thor: Love and Thunder, a charming and action-packed introduction to the fourth phase of the MCU. But even when notoriously goofy director Taika Waititi is at the helm, a film is like Thor: Love and Thunder will have lots of drama, hard hitting plot twists and impactful scenes that really shake things up.

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A powerful scene in a film makes a lasting impression either in a character’s personal arc, in the overall plot, or more. Such scenes usually stand out and generate the most attention. With that in mind, many scenes in Thor: Love and Thunder had a major impact on the plot and characters of the film.

10 Rapu The god mocked Gorr

The first scene of Thor: Love and Thunder was very impressive as it marked the birth of the MCU’s newest and most ambitious villain. At first, Gorr was an innocent mortal man praying desperately to the gods for his and his daughter’s survival. Then he actually met his god Rapu in person.

Unfortunately, Rapu was an arrogant and selfish god who didn’t bother to help, leaving Gorr embittered and disillusioned within moments. That’s when he found and used the Necro Sword to kill Rapu in retaliation and started his mission to kill all the gods across the universe.

9 Jane’s cancer diagnosis was revealed

dr Jane Foster first appeared in the film not as a superhero, but as a cancer patient who doesn’t have much time left. This had a huge impact on the film as it adds some terrifying emotional and physical stakes for Jane and by extension her ex-lover Thor Odinson.

This film is definitely humorous, but not satirical. Jane’s cancer diagnosis adds serious drama to the film and provides a clear reason for Jane trying to wield the hammer Mjolnir for herself. Otherwise she might never have decided to become the new Thor.

8th Mjolnir rebuilt itself for Jane

Jane’s personal pursuits as a young heroine were heavily influenced by Mjolnir’s actions. Mjolnir can sometimes think and act on its own. When Jane arrived in New Asgard, she approached the broken Mjolnir, only for the pieces of that hammer to fly together into a single whole.

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Now Jane is the new Thor, complete with a battle-ready hammer. From that point until her eventual death, Jane was a proper action heroine, able to fight as a match at Thor’s side, complete with her own caped hero costume. That changes everything.

7 Gorr kidnapped the Asgardian children

Gorr, the godslayer, arrived in New Asgard in great numbers one night, aided by his numerous shadow beasts. Gorr was a match for both Thors and Valkyrie, but he didn’t want to fight to the bitter end. At least not yet. Gorr changed his plans and used his beasts to kidnap every child in New Asgard.

Unable to stop Gorr, the two Thors immediately knew what was at stake. You’d have to find and fight Gorr all over again to save all those hostages, and so this impactful scene set the stage for the rest of the film.

6 Thor struck down Zeus in Omnipotence City

During the course of the film, Thor and his party arrived at an incredible floating city in space, Omnipotence City. Only powerful, famous gods can visit or live in this place, and Thor was thrilled to meet his personal hero, Zeus, while also recruiting an army of gods to face Gorr.

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Pompous Zeus refused to help, so Thor and his allies took action. Thor grabbed the lightning weapon from Zeus and knocked Zeus down, meaning Thor now has a new weapon and the way was clear to escape Omnipotence City. In fact, however, no gods joined Thor’s side.

5 Thor and Jane have rekindled their romance

Thor: Love and Thunder made it clear through Korg’s narration that Thor and Jane had officially broken up and gone their separate ways. But after the Omnipotence City sequence, Thor and Jane had a chance to chat aboard their makeshift ship en route to the Shadow Realm.

Thor and Jane, to put it simply, overcame their differences and got back together as lovers, even sharing a passionate kiss. This cheered them both up and helped set the emotional stakes for later scenes in the film.

4 Gorr steals Stormbreaker from Thor

Thor and his squad arrived in the colorless shadow realm to complete their rescue mission, but it was all a trap. Gorr used his home field advantage to injure and restrain Thor’s group, and then Gorr revealed what he really wanted – Thor’s mighty hammer, Stormbreaker. This allows the wearer to access the Bifrost.

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Thor initially fought back, but in the end Stormbreaker was summoned. Thor and his allies fought their way out of the Shadow Realm, but Stormbreaker fell to Gorr. Now Gorr can use it to visit Eternity and fulfill his wish to destroy all gods. Now the stakes are at their peak thanks to this impressive scene.

3 Thor rallied the Asgardian children before the battle

This significant scene made a big difference not only for the film’s final fight but also for Thor’s personal arc. Thor arrived in eternity and eventually rescued the kidnapped children, but he didn’t just send them back home. He inspired her with his short warrior-style speech, and it worked.

Thor used both his words and the lightning bolt from Zeus to literally and otherwise empower the children, forming a heroic militia to oppose Gorr. This helped even the odds for the final fight, and it also proved that Thor isn’t just a cocky loner who fights alone. He is now a true team player and leader, a personal first.

2 Thor convinces Gorr to rekindle love

In the final battle, the necro sword is broken, but Gorr still got what he wanted and, like the heroes, entered eternity. There, Gorr was able to express his wish to slay all the gods, but Thor spoke up, urging the grieving villain to express an entirely different wish.

Gorr agreed, proving that deep down he was never a terrible person. He had simply made mistakes in his grief and anger, and most importantly, his daughter was brought back to life. All ended well thanks to Thor’s convincing words and Gorr’s willingness to heed them.

1 When Hercules made his debut

Some post-credits scenes in Marvel movies are just comedy skits, most notably Captain America’s disappointing scene where he lectured the audience about disappointment and expectations. But in Thor: Love and Thunderthese brief scenes were quite meaningful.

One scene showed Jane entering Valhalla to meet Heimdall in person, and the other scene was even more impressive. There, a wounded but recovering Zeus conversed with his demigod son Hercules, and Hercules eagerly accepted the mission to find and defeat Thor for all time. The stage is set for Hercules’ grand entrance in the MCU, and fans can’t wait.

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