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WandaVision Love And Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder is the collaboration of old school and new school Thor Movies in the MCU. Taika Waititi returns behind the camera (and as the voice of Korg) to bring this Thor: Ragnarok Atmosphere that completely renamed the character. Also, Jane Foster returns to the franchise after her disappearance ragnarok, and with it come the attached supplemental players. Special, WandaVision Star Kat Dennings as Dr. Darcy Lewis.

Darcy was first introduced as Jane Foster’s comedy assistant intern Thor (2011). Dennings reprized her in the same role in Thor: The Dark World. But in the first project of Phase 4, Darcy was in her first non-Thor franchise appearance. in the WandaVision, Darcy was brought back with a PhD in Astrophysics to help SWORD explore the Westview Anamoly.

Darcy played a significant role in WandaVision as an ally for Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo, and as a liaison for Vision. Experienced the events of the Disney+ series, Darcy has had a wild journey since fans last saw her Thor: The Dark World. So when she arrives to support her friend Jane Thor: Love and Thunderyou’d think she wouldn’t be able to shut up about The Hex.

Thor: Love And Thunder ignores WandaVision events

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When Darcy Lewis walks in Thor: love and thunder, She brings her patented lightness to an otherwise emotional and somber scene. Jane Foster receives cancer treatment and reveals to the audience that The Mighty Thor’s story was adapted from the comics. Darcy sits down and chats with Jane about her treatment, her approach to fighting this thing and of course how attractive Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is.

Remarkably, this conversation lacks any reference to Darcy’s experience in Westview, as seen in WandaVision. This is very uncharacteristic of Darcy as she has traditionally been something of a chatterbox. However, old Darcy would have found a way to mention her experience with SWORD at any given opportunity.

But with this short cameo Thor: love and thunder, there is no mention other than a slight hint of her essence “very busy” lately. So why shouldn’t Taika Waititi and his team allow fans to connect with a subtle mention of Westview or SWORD or Wanda or Jimmy Woo or anything Dr. Darcy Lewis happened to feel? WandaVision?

So many stories, not enough time

Darcy, Wanda Vision
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The simplest explanation for this reference omission is simply time. At just under two hours, one of the shortest MCU films to date, Thor: Love and Thunder is very short. The running time of this film already hinders its ceiling by not allowing certain plot points to be fleshed out according to their importance. Namely, the solid lines of the wishing well qualities of Eternity and Gorr’s Daughter. So it makes sense that Darcy didn’t have enough time to drop anything WandaVision references.

There are also some questions about the film’s tonal consistency, with a very melancholy cancer story woven into such a hyper-comedic tone throughout the film. Taika Waititi is usually a master of this balance and tries it again here. Maybe Taika didn’t want to distract from the few serious beats in the first half of the film.

Protect Jane Foster

Jane, Thor Love and Thunder
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Another reason could be that Darcy knows if Jane finds out about the events WandaVision, it would be another excuse for her to focus on working on her battle with cancer. Darcy spends this cameo appearance trying to convince Jane that she should stop working, seek outside help, and either make an effort to fight this disease or enjoy the time she has left. Perhaps Foster’s former intern wanted to keep her adventures to herself to keep her friend from doing what she does best: makeover.

The holes become clear when you look at the circumstances. For example, when SWORD recruits Darcy Lewis as an astrophysicist to help with the Westview Anamoly, it is assumed that they approached the leader in the field first. Of course it was Dr. Jane Foster. So there’s a good chance Jane is already aware of this WandaVision events, but that’s not set in stone.

Protection of Wanda Maximoff

Darcy, Wanda Vision
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Darcy forms a trio of rebels within the SWORD machine along with Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo as they are the only ones willing to hear Wanda’s side of the story WandaVision. As an Avenger and someone who has played a significant role in saving the world on multiple occasions, it’s easy to see why these three are sympathetic. Additionally, Darcy, Monica, and Jimmy have had clashes with various Avengers in Thor, Carol Danvers, and Ant-Man, respectively, in the past.

Maybe Darcy thinks that the more people know about Wanda, the less chance there is of her righting her wrongs wall vision.

However, this theory only assumes that Darcy is unaware of the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Even if Darcy knew that Wanda probably didn’t make it out of this movie alive, it’s hard to believe that she would still stand up for her knowing all the horrible things she’s done IN ADDITION to everything what happened in Westview, New Jersey.

protect yourself

Darcy, Wanda Vision
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After all, there’s a good chance Darcy won’t be able to talk about these events because SWORD wants to keep everything a secret. Everything seemed very off the book WandaVision as Tyler Hayward, and his team was aggressive with Wanda Maximoff. Therefore, Darcy might not be legally able to discuss what happened under SWORD commands.

That doesn’t matter much since Darcy was the one who stopped Hayward and announced he was going to jail. Darcy doesn’t seem like the type to stick to rules like that anyway. She even has a scene in it Thor: The Dark World where she reveals secret information ahead of Jane’s date in London.

So there is no confirmed reason why the events of WandaVision were not referenced in it Thor: Love and Thunder. The simple and boring answer is that there wasn’t enough time and it wasn’t relevant to the story being told. But the funny answer is that Darcy Lewis has a super exciting life full of astro spy tricks that she keeps from her close friend Jane Foster. Keep an eye out for the potential (but unlikely) Disney+ spinoff Agents of SFIELD Reboot starring Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo.

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