Weekly Horoscopes for the week of July 11th from the Cut


Weekly Horoscopes for the week of July 11th from the Cut

Karen Dalton, a Cancer.
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On Wednesday, a full moon in solemn Capricorn will mark the culmination of your long work. Perhaps a major creative project is about to be completed, perhaps personal growth is finally paying off. This is not necessarily the End of everything but a moment when you realize that you have come a long way and that your efforts have not been in vain. It’s also an opportunity to gain clarity about where you want to go next. You might find that your desires have changed while you weren’t looking. If so, take this chance to be bold and venture into the unknown.

If you find yourself getting frustrated with your work and feeling down on yourself and your abilities, the problem could be that you are trying to get too much done too quickly. If you set yourself impossible goals or unreasonable time limits, e.g course You will end up disappointed. You may fear that the rush is necessary. But the time you spend exploring and learning is not wasted as long as you keep moving forward, no matter how arduous. This week, see what happens when you take things a little slower or commit to doing a little less. You could start making the progress you want. It could be fun again.

Rudeness or hostility doesn’t shake you easily, but that doesn’t make it okay that others treat you badly. You can hold your own in the harshest of environments, but that doesn’t make you any less worthy of gentleness and support. It’s easy to get used to the way, lower expectations and move on. But this week it’s important not to adapt so completely that you forget that there are other ways. You have it in you to defend yourself, to demand better things.

Everywhere you turn you see people doing their best to control the lives of others and shrink the universe of infinite possibilities to practically nothing. If you’re pessimistic, ask yourself if it’s worth resisting. But this week your fatalism will fall away and a wild, irrepressible stubbornness will rise in its place. Nobody can dictate your life or tell you what you are capable of and what not. You don’t know what the future holds, but you know it will be the one you choose for yourself.

Everyone, no matter how wise or experienced or cautious, needs a second opinion sometimes. We all get things wrong in ways that others can see but we can’t. The problem is that you can be a little stubborn in your desire to prove that you can be successful on your own. This week, encourage yourself to seek the kindness, help, and feedback of people you trust. You don’t get extra points for refusing offered help, or bonus points for finding the right answers all by yourself. Let others support you the way you do and it will make you both stronger in the end.

There are too many people who will try to convince you that you are a stupid idealist because you believe that your life could be better and that trying to change something is a waste of energy. They will argue that resignation is the only sensible option, that defeatism is cold wisdom. When you’re tired or discouraged, your arguments begin to sound convincing. But you are more powerful than they think. Stronger than she realize. Don’t give up on your vision just because others aren’t brave enough to join you.

As the world grows darker around you, you worry that caring about your feelings is selfish. You cannot help suspecting that focusing on your own emotional needs means giving up everything that is outside of you, that your personal healing or happiness can only come at the expense of the collective. But that doesn’t have to be true; We experience the ups and downs of our humanity – from small resentments to the thrill of a new love – in bad times and in good times. There’s no need to feel guilty; Everyone benefits when we have the space to take care of ourselves.

When you realize that you really were wrong or misjudged someone, then one of the great joys of being alive and growing older is changing your mind. But when others are urging you to change, you may prefer to stay on your heels to defend your hard-won knowledge and experience in the world. This week you are more than entitled to defy anyone who tries to push you around. But also remember how rewarding it is to keep evolving and growing. Don’t be afraid of transformation. let it happen your Conditions.

Even though you intellectually know it’s not true, there’s still a part of you that feels like your troubles are deserved. Try to remind yourself that the state of the world is such that virtually everyone is struggling right now – and you are not responsible for the state of the world. And even if you made mistakes, what you need now is kindness, not blame. If necessary, work on repairing your relationship with yourself this week. You can learn to be more forgiving and generous. At least that’s what you deserve.

Lately you can’t stop thinking about how much closer you would have gotten to your goals if only you had started sooner. You regret all the time you could have spent developing certain skills, building a community around you, or just making money. You dream of what would be different today if you had started working a year, two or ten years earlier. But it’s important not to sink into regret or let your nostalgic thoughts keep you from taking action. It’s not too late to learn and grow, to make a change (even a huge one).

You just want someone to present you with a definitive set of guidelines on how to do well and be a good person. Life would be so much easier if there was a single authority you could get your seal of approval from, a way of getting confirmation that you’re on the right track. Accept that there is no one right answer and that ultimately you must rely on your own judgment and values. This week try to break free from the idea that there is a standard of human perfection that you must live up to. All anyone can do is try, and that’s what you do.

It’s exhausting to feel like you’re never on your guard, always afraid (and not without reason) that others will take advantage of you the moment they get the chance. While there are certainly cruel and fearful people in the world, living in a constant state of fear is not sustainable. Finding places to be cared for, people to relax with is crucial this week. The world is full of dangers, but that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of human connection. If anything, it means you need it more than ever.

Hard work can be satisfying and joyful. Even when you are struggling, you are still full of determination and you can say that you are doing exactly what you should be doing. However, lately you feel like you’re struggling and struggling to the point of exhaustion without making any significant progress or enjoying the journey. This week your natural inclination might be to push even harder than before and push through. But instead, remember that what you really need is rest — a moment to breathe, refill your cup, and remember what you’re really doing all this for.

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