Were Prince Louis’ anniversary tantrums age-appropriate behavior


Were Prince Louis' anniversary tantrums age-appropriate behavior

Four-year-old Prince Louis and his many faces continued to steal the show at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee over the weekend.

On Sunday at the Jubilee Pageant Parade in Buckingham Palace Mall, he was caught making defiant expressions on his mother’s face in a now viral moment. When she seemed to try to discipline him, he defiantly covered her mouth and stuck out his tongue, pulling another woman’s hair and pressing his nose on his mother.

The recent issue of little king’s cheeky behavior has sparked debate: is he just your normal fidgety toddler or walking proof that the Cambridges run a runaway household with an ineffective, lax, millennial parenting philosophy?

Kaitlin Soulé, a licensed family and marriage therapist from California and author of “A Little Less of a Hot Mess: The Modern Mom’s Guide to Growth & Evolution,” said it’s the former. Little Louis’ behavior, she told the Post, was “completely normal and appropriate to the development.”

Soulé continued, “For kids his age, part of their developmental role is to push boundaries and figure out how to get by in the world. And they can’t do that without crossing borders. They really do learn from us and mimic our behavior and I’m sure he was silenced many times. They really learn from our behavior.”

The faces of the 4-year-old King sparked debate about the Cambridges’ parenting style.
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But some Twitter commenters scoffed Middleton and her lack of control over her son. One user wrote: “True, but a well behaved child would never try to silence a parent like that. The adults are to blame, the child does what it allows.”

The couple has reportedly taken a more modern, hands-on approach to parenting that bucks the traditional, stricter parenting style favored by many royals. Instead of hiring a team of nannies, they only have one nanny.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge speaks with Prince Louis during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant in London on Sunday June 5, 2022, on the final of four days of Platinum Jubilee celebrations.
Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, left, speaks with Prince Louis during Sunday’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant in London – the final of four days of Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

In 2020, sources told The Sun that Kate and William have a “chat sofa” for their children to use when they misbehave. They don’t yell at the children, but take them out of the situation – which could have been difficult in this scenario dictated by pomp and circumstance.

Soulé, who has three children under the age of 8, said the short clip made the family more endearing and approachable.

“It’s so understandable, especially when you come from a family where everything is always so tight-lipped. I think it speaks to what we already know. No matter how much we plan and think things will go a certain way, children’s behavior is unpredictable. They react to the environment that surrounds them. It’s been a long week. Of course he won’t be perfect,” Soulé said, adding that most parents would have simply given their recalcitrant kids an iPad to keep them occupied, which would have sparked an even bigger firestorm.

Prince Louis expresses himself while standing with his family and Queen Elizabeth on June 2.
Prince Louis speaks while standing with his family and Queen Elizabeth on Thursday.
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Sunday’s video was the culmination of events in honor of the Queen’s 70th jubilee and an exclamation mark on Louis’ faces, stealing the scene and prompting a spate of memes. But Soulé said it was not an indictment of the Cambridges’ parenting.

“Raising a toddler is a rollercoaster ride. Every mom was there with their kids that had a meltdown at Target,” she said. “But that’s difficult, especially when Kate knows the whole world is looking at her and judging her at that moment.”

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