These cardio exercises will add years to your life, says trainer – eat this, not that


These cardio exercises will add years to your life, says trainer - eat this, not that

Research has proven that regular exercise can help you live a longer, healthier life. Indeed acc Harvard Health Publishing, Overweight people can potentially live up to four years longer simply by increasing their recreational activities. If they tend to achieve – and maintain – a healthy weight while maintaining an active lifestyle? Well, they can extend their lifespan by seven years or more. If you’re looking to add years to your life, read on to learn more.

The greatest benefit for increasing life expectancy, according to research, is extreme aerobic exercise – especially in people aged 70 and over. Does that sound like a great plan to you? If yes, listen. Eat this, not that! spoke to Gary Gianetti, a personal trainer at Fyt, the nation’s largest personal training service, making fitness convenient and accessible to everyone under the expert guidance of an in-person or virtual certified fitness professional. Gianetti shares with us the absolute best cardio exercises that will add years to your life. Try them and start living a longer, fitter life today. And next, be sure to check out 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Coach Says.

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According to Gianetti, “Interval running is a great way to get many of the health benefits of cardio. With interval running you can be time efficient and burn calories throughout the day.”

He suggests warming up before the break starts. You can do this by going for a light jog for five to ten minutes. After warming up, begin these intervals with a 20-second run followed by a 40-second jog. The interval should be repeated six times.

“When you’re more comfortable with cardio, you can challenge yourself by increasing the duration (say, 30 seconds of running and 30 seconds of jogging) or adding an incline,” says Gianetti. “It’s a great way to get your heart pumping and oxygen flowing throughout your body.”

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“Cycling is another fantastic exercise to add to your cardiovascular routine,” says Gianetti, adding, “The exercise is low-impact, meaning it’s not as taxing on your joints, but still has fantastic benefits.” offers.”

Because cycling is a low-impact exercise, it can also reduce the risk of injury, which is good news. Gianetti recommends doing intervals on a stationary bike. As with interval running, he suggests doing a low-resistance warm-up for 10 minutes. Then increase the resistance “so that your load level is six out of ten.” Pedal for 20 seconds, then decrease resistance for 40 seconds. Repeat this twice with six intervals, Gianetti instructs.

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Man with bad backstroke for exercise to help with pain

So many excellent cardiovascular benefits come from swimming. Gianetti recommends swimming to anyone who has access to a pool.

“It’s a low impact form of cardio so your joints will thank you afterwards! It’s also extremely versatile as you can choose from many hits that work different muscle groups,” he explains, adding, “It’s one of the best ways to get cardio done while toning your whole body.”

He suggests starting this water workout with a move that feels most comfortable to you. Then begin swimming from your end of the pool to the other side for a total of 15 minutes. As you become more comfortable in the water, Gianetti recommends alternating your strokes and increasing your swim time.

active senior hiking through the mountains

Hiking is another form of physical activity that offers some pretty impressive cardiovascular benefits. You too get a breath of fresh air when you are outside!

According to Gianetti, “Indoor cardio can sometimes feel stagnant, so I think a hike outside whenever you can is a great way to re-inspire your cardio habits.” He encourages easy-to-moderate hikes on days off between strength training days. You can start your hike on level ground for at least 30 minutes. As you feel comfortable with the exercise, add more hills and increase the time to add some challenge to your hike.

Pro tip from Gianetti? “I recommend my clients do at least 30 to 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day. A great tool for making sure you’re at the right intensity is the conversational test.” He also says, “An effort level is around six out of ten, and a good way to measure this is to be able to say short sentences while doing cardio.”

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