Who can get a monkeypox vaccine?


Who can get a monkeypox vaccine?

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At least there is so far 351 confirmed Cases of monkeypox in humans in the United States, with more than half of the states reporting at least one case. Given existing Obstacles to diagnosis and testingit is likely that there are many more cases than ever before documented. So how do you protect yourself?

Should I hurry up and get the monkeypox vaccine?

Wait a minute :TThe vaccine is not available to the general public still. You can’t just go to the pharmacy and get a dose for the COVID vaccine like you can. There just isn’t enough of it to get around. So if you’re worried about getting monkeypox, but only out of a general fear, rather than knowing someone personally who has had it, it’s good to keep other ways in mind that you can protect yourselfSee for yourself.

We discussed the basics of monkeypox here. The most important thing to know is that it is transmitted through close contact. If you have monkeypox, you can spread it to your immediate family, sexual partners, and anyone you have had skin contact with. If you need bedding, clothes, or towels with someone, or sharing utensils like cups and cutlery, it can also be transmitted that way. It is possible transferable via droplet infection, but probably no aerosols.

Monkeypox lesions change appearance as the disease progresses, but they may appear as fluid-filled or pus-filled blisters. Any fluid or scabs from the lesions can potentially transmit the virus, which is the basis of much of this advice.

TThe number one way to prevent monkeypox is to avoid close contact with a person who has it. And if you notice a rash that could be monkeypox, be sure to see a doctor and/or contact your health department.

What about vaccines?

Here we have a little bit of good news. Initially, there was no widespread availability of monkeypox vaccines; The US (like many other countries) just didn’t have enough vaccine to get around. Now, while there are still not enough doses to vaccinate everyone, the Department of Health (HHS) has announced it has 1.6 million doses of the two-dose Jynneos monkeypox vaccine either in its hands or later this year expected – and they are ready to use it. Our friends at Gizmodo have more details on this announcement.

The US also has stocks of another vaccine made for smallpox that is also effective against monkeypox but has more side effects and is not recommended if you can get Jynneos.

Who has the highest priority for getting the monkeypox vaccine?

HHS reports this They will prioritize areas with the highest cases of monkeypox. Right now when you look at the numbers from state to state tracking the CDC, there doesn’t seem to be a single hotspot. The states with the most cases include California, New York and Florida, which also happen to be among the most populous in the nation.

The next step is for the vaccine to be given by local health authorities to people who are most at risk of exposure to monkeypox. The announcement names some groups:

  • People who have had “close physical contact” with someone who has been diagnosed with monkeypox.
  • People whose sexual partners have been diagnosed with monkeypox.
  • men who have sex with men, and who have recently had multiple sexual partners in a location where monkeypox may have spread.

The vaccine can prevent monkeypox disease if you get it soon enough after exposure to the virus. Therefore, the strategy of vaccinating close contacts seems wise.

Will monkeypox continue to spread?

Well, we don’t know yet. Historically, monkeypox outbreaks in humans have not lasted too long. But this monkeypox strain has several mutations that can make it more easily transmissible. The number of cases has increased speed in places not typically endemic to monkeypox (like the US), so This definitely has the potential to be a big deal.

And it really sucks when it becomes one. Current guidelines mandate three weeks of isolation for people with monkeypox. There aren’t many people who can stay home from work for three weeks, and there is I haven’t seen a plan to receive those who are infected financial or other type of support.

The World Health Organization recently met consider something the monkeypox situation and decide whether to declare it a public health emergency of international concern. AAt that time, said not yet– but the Director-General said today that he is getting the gang back together to take up the issue again.

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