Ainias Smith arrested on DWI, weapons charges


Ainias Smith arrested on DWI, weapons charges

ATLANTA – Texas A&M’s appearance at the SEC Media Days at the College Football Hall of Fame was interrupted before it began.

Texas A&M recipient Ainias Smith was arrested by A&M police in the early hours of Wednesday morning on charges of driving while intoxicated, illegally carrying a gun and possessing less than two ounces of marijuana, according to the Judiciary’s website Brazos County.

Smith, a team leader who, along with coach Jimbo Fisher, was scheduled to be one of three players scheduled to attend Thursday’s media days, was released Wednesday after posting bonds totaling $8,000.

He was subsequently suspended from the football program on Wednesday, in accordance with athletics department guidelines, and will not attend the media days. A possible replacement was discussed later Wednesday, according to a school president, and A&M officials are expected to fly in from College Station on Thursday morning.

Smith was pulled over for speeding on University Drive near the Northgate bar district just after 2am on Wednesday and arrested for DWI after failing an on-site sobriety test, according to a probable cause statement. According to the police report, a “rolled joint of marijuana” and a handgun with “a full magazine and chamber” were found in the center console when his vehicle was searched.

An officer then questioned Smith at the Brazos County Jail where he had been taken for the DWI arrest, and he denied possession of the gun or the marijuana, according to the report. A passenger who was released also denied possession of the gun or marijuana, according to the probable cause statement.

Smith, whom reporters had relied on to make or lose insight for last season, was scheduled to appear alongside Fisher and teammates Demani Richardson and Layden Robinson at the finale of the four days of media on Thursday in Atlanta.

Texas A&M wide receiver Ainias Smith was pulled over near the Northgate bar district in College Station around 2 a.m. Wednesday, according to police records.

Brazos County Jail

Smith, a 5-foot-10, 185-pound Dulles High School senior, has received more than 1,300 yards over the past three seasons and has played a role as the Aggies’ Mr. Everything in receiving, rushing and on special teams.

By smoothly slipping into a running back role when needed, Smith has rushed for 373 yards over the past three seasons, averaging 5.8 yards per carry. He is the younger brother of former NFL defenseman Maurice Smith, who played in college for Alabama and Georgia and primarily for the Miami Dolphins and spanned a four-year NFL career from 2017-2020.

The arrest of Ainias Smith was disappointing for A&M fans considering he has evolved into a team leader for the Aggies entering Fisher’s fifth season, and reporters were counting on the stand-up playmaker to follow suit both wins and losses would speak for the team.

“Ainias makes it (looks) really easy,” A&M colleague Jalen Preston once said of Smith’s dedication to football. “He’s always in his playbook and he’s always learning, and he always knows the next move of defense. He does crazy pieces that I’ve never seen before.

“He also has a huge heart and I love playing with him.”

Three years ago, Smith, also a sure punt returner, switched to running back from receiver for the 2019 Texas Bowl against Oklahoma State after suffering a handful of running back injuries and trades. He helped lead the Aggies to a 24-21 win over the Cowboys at his hometown NRG Stadium.

“That’s the name of the game now, you have to be able to mismatch guys and shuffle guys around,” Fisher once said of Smith’s ability to switch positions deftly on offense. “Their amazing players are not just instinctive, they have a great deal of knowledge and are very intelligent to be able to play this game today – to be able to use the maximum of their abilities.”

A&M’s already suspected welcome corps was hit hard in the offseason. Fisher fired former Five Star prospect Demod Demas after Demas was arrested in early March for assault in the family. The alleged victim was Demas’ girlfriend at the time.

According to a university official, Demas had already been suspended from A&M at the time for not attending class, and he was removed from the team after the arrest.

The Aggies open their season on September 3 against Sam Houston before hosting Appalachian State a week later. Their first real Test of the season is expected to come on September 17th at Kyle Field against Miami and new Hurricanes coach Mario Cristobal.

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