Attorney for Deshaun Watson’s prosecutors says HBO asked him and 2 plaintiffs ‘tough questions’; Watson turned down HBO’s request


 Attorney for Deshaun Watson's prosecutors says HBO asked him and 2 plaintiffs 'tough questions';  Watson turned down HBO's request

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Attorney for Deshaun Watson’s prosecutors, Tony Buzbee, issued a statement Monday, explaining that two of the 22 plaintiffs in his civil lawsuits against Watson were filed by HBO for his Tuesday night special on “Real Sports with Bryant.” Gumbel” were interviewed that he believes “the walls are approaching” Watson.

Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, told Monday that Watson turned down HBO’s request to be interviewed for the article due to the pending NFL investigation. One of Watson’s attorneys, Leah Graham, spent about 8 minutes speaking to HBO Monday morning, and his team “sent mountains of material to review,” Hardin said.

In Buzbee’s testimony to, he remains confident his customers will prevail.

“HBO reached out to us and asked if our customers were ready to speak officially real sports program,” Tony Buzbee said in a statement to

“As with discussions with law enforcement and the NFL, we have left the decision of whether to speak publicly up to the customers themselves. Two chose to do so. These women are the bravest and bravest I have ever met. This company is very proud to represent them. During filming, I was struck by HBO’s diligence and insistence on fairness. Despite our pleas, HBO refused to ask us the questions they wanted to ask in advance.

“And I can tell you that there were indeed tough questions being asked – not just of our customers but of me as well. This law firm has been trying to win civil cases for twenty-five years; We are extremely confident in these cases. As each witness testifies in the pre-trial discovery process, the evidence against Deshaun Watson continues to mount. The walls are approaching, as the saying goes. We look forward to bringing these cases to court as soon as possible. We are very confident that justice will be done in the end.”

According to HBO’s press release, “multiple accusers,” conducting their first-ever national interviews, spoke to Soledad O’Brien about the alleged sexual misconduct they allegedly witnessed, as well as Watson’s new NFL record-breaking US$230 million contract – Dollar Guaranteed Brown.

On Friday, Hardin told he didn’t expect the segment to be fair to Watson, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by 24 massage therapists, 22 of whom are pending civil lawsuits. Watson has maintained his innocence and has no plans at this time to settle the charges so he can clear his name.

“I don’t know how it’s going to be, but I’m not optimistic,” Hardin told “I think they’re going to air the women’s allegations without trying to see behind their merits.”

Hardin has stated that the women are lying and that some have admitted to consensual encounters with Watson.

In his opening press conference on March 25 at Browns headquarters in Berea, Ohio, Watson denied the allegations.

“I definitely understand how things can be very difficult, especially for the women’s side of the community in this community,” Watson said. “I’m not naive. I know these allegations are very, very serious. But like I said, I’ve never attacked a woman. I have never disrespected a woman. I was raised by a single mother who has two aunts who is a sister and she raised me.

“I was raised to be real and to respect everything and everyone around me. So I’ve always defended that and will continue to stand by it. And I just want to have a chance to show who I really am a community and be practical and help people and serve other people.”

HBO declined to tell which of the accusers will appear on the show or provide any other details.

O’Brien responded to a Twitter post announcing the episode: “It’s a very good story. I hope you’re watching.”

Hardin said such interviews were expected while the civil suits are winding up and understands they will not help Watson’s case.

“My approach all along was that we weren’t going to win the battle for public opinion,” Hardin said. “And my goal has always been to get these cases investigated by law enforcement, and I firmly believed that trained investigators would eventually conclude that there was nothing to it from a criminal perspective, and that’s always been my focus.

“I thought that’s what NFL teams care about the most, and with the exception of Miami, that’s true.”

He said once the criminal element was released, “the ball would move to the NFL, and that’s where we are.”

Hardin said that “there are no settlement talks on the horizon” regarding the civil claims and that Watson and his team are awaiting the NFL’s decision. Watson continues to cooperate fully in the civil proceedings and will be providing testimony twice a day from June 21-23.

Hardin said he hopes Major League Baseball’s 324-game suspension of former Indians and current Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer over allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault won’t affect Watson’s NFL discipline. Bauer, who is also not criminally charged, denies the allegations and is appealing.

“I’m going to try to be an optimist and say it’s not going to have any impact at all,” Hardin said. “Because it has no logical connection.”

Hardin added, “We have been fully cooperating over those three days, we intend to cooperate if they want to talk more, and then we intend to continue to insist to the NFL and everyone else that he has not violated the code of conduct.” . ”

Once Friel and Gaffney complete their investigations, they will turn their findings over to former US District Judge Sue L. Robinson, who will decide whether or not Watson will be disciplined.

Sanctions may include a permanent or indefinite suspension, a fine or a combination of both, or expulsion from the NFL with an opportunity to reapply. Discipline may also include a probationary period with conditions to be met for reinstatement or continued participation.

If Watson appeals the decision, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell or his designee may, in its sole discretion, vacate or amend the discipline, and their decision will be final. Should Watson be suspended in whole or in part for the 2022 season, backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett will start in his place.

The Browns have arguably the easiest first four games of any team in the NFL — at Carolina, at home against the Jets and Steelers and at the Falcons — but NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told last week that Watson’s possible suspension won’t affect it that’s what the timetable is for.

Watson arrived back in Cleveland Sunday night after inviting nearly 30 of his teammates on an all-inclusive trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas for fieldwork and team bonding. He will begin organized team activities at the Browns facility on Tuesday. It consists of 10 non-contact exercises over three weeks, followed by the mandatory mini-camp on June 14-16.

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