Deshaun Watson sued again; 23. Sexual misconduct lawsuit


Deshaun Watson, the new quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, speaks March 25 during a news conference at the NFL football team's training center.  The NFL is still investigating Watson for violating their personal conduct policy.

Another woman has filed a lawsuit against Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, making it the 23rd.

It’s the first lawsuit against him since the 22 others were filed in March and April 2021, and could potentially complicate any plan for the NFL to resolve preseason questions about Watson’s game status.

In that case, the lawsuit filed Tuesday says the woman had three encounters with Watson during which Watson’s behavior progressively deteriorated. During the third encounter, in the summer of 2020, the lawsuit says, Watson exposed himself to her, touched the woman between her legs and repeatedly demanded that the woman have sex with him.

After initially deciding not to file a lawsuit against Watson, the woman changed her mind after seeing a segment about the lawsuits on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel last week.

“In this play, the plaintiff was impressed by the courage of the victims who were willing to come forward and speak up, and was extremely dissatisfied with the mistreatment and renewed harassment of the plaintiffs by Watson and his legal team,” the new lawsuit reads. “But it was Watson himself, who claimed he had no regrets and had done nothing wrong, that cemented her resolve. She is bringing this case to seek minimum compensation but to obtain a judicial finding that Watson’s conduct was wrong.”

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