ESPN Unrivaled Red Wings vs. Avalanche Trailer Released


ESPN Unrivaled Red Wings vs. Avalanche Trailer Released

Whoa, baby, that’s a teaser now!

We know there hasn’t been much to celebrate lately in Detroit’s big four pro sports, a city that’s been looking for its first playoff win since April 2016.

But over the years there have been many glory days. The Bad Boys and Goin’ to Work Pistons. The Tigers’ 1968 and 1984 runs – even 2006 and 2011-14.

The Lions; OK, not much to do there.

But for all the moments and rivalries this city has had, few compare to the mid-’90s to early-2000s with the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche.

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Colorado Avalanche goaltender Patrick Roy, left, receives a punch from Detroit Red Wings goaltender Mike Vernon during the first-period brawl in Detroit March 26, 1997.

The Red Wings are celebrating 25 years since their 1997 Stanley Cup title run, and a trailer for an ESPN E:60 documentary airing this June about the rivalry between the powers that be was released on the network’s The Point of the Western Conference is published. Show.

This caused an uproar on social media.

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