Five-star wide receiver Johntay Cook commits to Texas


Five-star wide receiver Johntay Cook commits to Texas

The Longhorns added another five-star title to the future of Texas football as a five-star wide receiver Johntay Cook today made his college decision and announced his commitment to the Texas Longhorns. The 247Sports Composite five-star player from Desoto, Texas, signed to the Longhorns after a lengthy recruiting that ended with Texas atop the top three from Oregon and Michigan. Cook’s decision has taken over a year, and he said he was ready to come home.

“Honestly, I’m ready to come home,” Cook said. “It’s a perfect fit for me. I couldn’t go wrong. Coach Sark is an offensive genius. Texas has loved me since day one. Ever since the new staff came on there, it’s been a constant love. As soon as coach Marion got on there, it was, like I’ve known him for two years, that’s the best situation for me Arch Manning, nobody will be able to fool me and him. Freshman year I will have Quinn Ewersso I’ll probably have the best two quarterbacks in college football.”

Texas was able to catch Cook early and never lost momentum. Austin is a place where Cook feels comfortable.

“Since I first went to Austin for this camp, it was like the air in Austin was just different,” he said. “It felt like I should be there. It’s the closest thing to Dallas I’ve ever seen.”

Arch Manning and Cook have also been in a relationship for over a year. Manning called to brief Cook on the news before releasing it.

“Arch called me and told me,” he said. “He told me he was close to signing for Texas and he wanted to call me.

Cook, an Under Armor All-American, put on an insane scoring production, conceding 19 touchdowns from 39 catches.

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247Sports’ scouting report on Cook by National Scouting Analyst Chris Singletary reads as follows:

“Checking in at a confirmed height of 5ft, 11.5 and 171lbs with a well proportioned upper and lower body. Cook has a muscular physique that can continue to add weight and strength. More than a large arm length and wingspan, this is an advantage for him in terms of catch radius.

“Very good ball strike that gives him an instant advantage over most defensive defenders off the snap. Excellent speed and directional changes. His close-range speed is an advantage when driving pivots and in or out-breaking routes. Good at sinking of the hips and lowering body weight where he can create separation and accelerate away from defenders Good body control with little wasted movement running his stretches Hand catcher picking the ball out of the air with ease Ability to track the deep ball and hard over-the-shoulder -Catches makes hard catches and fights for the 50/50 balls Adapt to running the route tree from both the slot and outside receiver positions.

“This two-sport athlete, who also competes in track and field, has some growth left in his ability and overall game. He put up very good numbers as a junior, where he had 38 catches and 806 yards for an average of 21.2 ypc over 19 touchdowns. His performance shows that he is always a threat on the field. As a starter once he gets into college, as well as being an all-conference performer and goals he can definitely achieve.

At 6 feet and 170 pounds, Cook is the No. 6 wide receiver in the nation and No. 6 overall prospect in Texas, according to the 247Sports Composite.

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