Four-star WR Cam Williams is committed to Notre Dame


Four-star WR Cam Williams is committed to Notre Dame

The rich got richer on Wednesday as the No. 1 recruitment class in the 2024 cycle added another top target to its commitment list. Glen Ellyn (Illinois) Four-star recipient of Glenbard South Cam Williams committed to Notre Dame over Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Cincinnati and many others.

This was another big win for the head coach Markus Freimanoffensive coordinator Tommy Rees and receiver trainer Chansi Stuckey. The Fighting Irish made an offer on May 5, accepted him for camp this summer, made it clear he would be a desirable top target until he was ready to make up his mind and the 6-2, 185- Pounder wasted very little time ceasing his recruitment and selecting Notre Dame.

“As I took a closer look, it was just a place that I felt like I belonged in,” Williams said. “All the right buttons were pushed and all the right switches were clicked and they were flipped at the right time. It made me realize that this was the right place.”

receiver trainer Chansi Stuckey was very effective here. The two hit it off from day one.

“We’ve just clicked since I met him,” Williams said of Stuckey. “We spent a day together and other times together when I was down there and he’s someone who doesn’t mind being coached by him. He’s just as great on and off the field as a guy… He’s kinda easygoing, Good Guy. He has a great demeanor. You can tell he loves the games as much as I do. It also seems like he’s willing to teach me too, in a way I like. It’s just his whole demeanor that suits who I want to be coached by.”

offensive coordinator Tommy Reesas expected, played another big part in setting Williams up for a future in South Bend.

“Well, for one thing, he’s obviously done a good job CJ Carr‘ Williams said, laughing. “That was an important reason for that. So pat him on the back. But it’s also a lot like Stuckey. He just put me in the right mood where I felt like I belonged.”

Notre Dame secured a five-star quarterback engagement in the 2024 class CJ Carr. He and Williams have a good friendship at this point, and that’s reflected here.

“Obviously everyone knows he’s a great quarterback,” Williams said. “Since we’ve been in contact, all I can say is that he’s a guy. I love being around him and I would have no problem having an experience at Notre Dame with him. We’re in the same class, it just makes it so much better.”

Last but not least head coach Markus Freiman is someone Williams has great respect for and looks forward to in their future together.

“Having talked to him for some time, I just like the way he goes about things. He really cares about the team and tradition and brings more tradition to Notre Dame. I could see he wanted to win,” Williams said. “After speaking to him I can say that he really cares about the team and the program. I like that immediately.”

Williams went beyond the typical search for a school. He listened to the current players and coaches about Notre Dame, but took it a step further and reached out to alumni he knows to get their take on what Notre Dame is like. That also helped a lot.

“I was in contact with some people who are alumni from there. It’s been a while, but they’re still active at the school today,” Williams said. “Only talking to people associated with the school helped me in my decision because they gave me the insight I needed. After speaking to them I was just hooked knowing this was the right place.”

Williams is now going from recruit to recruiter. He’s still contemplating who to target, but there’s a five-star receiver he wants to play with.

“I’ll probably start looking at that stuff soon. Obviously, CJ knows most of the guys,” Williams said. “But I see guys like [five-star receiver] Ryan Wingo and then other guys brought to Notre Dame by Crystal Ball. You always want to be surrounded by the best possible talent, so if I can do anything to help get these guys over here, I will.”

247Sports National analyst Allen Trieu believes Notre Dame landed a very good player on Wednesday. He shared some quick thoughts on the latest addition to the program.

“Cam is one of the best receivers in the Midwest in the Class of 2024,” Trieu said. “He was a playmaker on Friday nights where his length and catching radius combined with his speed have made him a major game threat. Since we’ve been able to see him more often in camp situations, we can see that his burst and twitch allow him to create a disconnect as a routerunner. It’s a really nice early get for the Irishman as he’s been covered by a lot of good programs regionally.”

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