If you’re on this list, congratulations, you’re the worst.


If you're on this list, congratulations, you're the worst.

It’s difficult to categorize the worst fan bases. It’s like ranking David Spade movies.

Is it the spoiled and stubborn Yankee fan? Is it the fanbase that behaved so badly that there was once a jail in the stadium (if the touchdown fails, you have to be acquitted)? Is it the largest front running fanbase ever among New York Giants fans? Is it Patriots fans who think they invented football despite riding Tom Brady’s genome like a jockey in the Preakness? Is it the Duke basketball fan? The one fan base that all other fan bases merge and hate like Voltron as all scientists agree there was a big bang.

Fans are the bloodstream of the sport and they should be valued. Well, most of them. Some of them. A small part of it. Those who are not in prison.

Most fans are great. It’s not these fans.

The fans on this list are the opposite of fan kings like Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Orioles, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Green Bay Packers fans. Or the most underrated fanbase of any sport in the Baltimore Ravens.

What is the opposite of class and nobility? The fans’ Ted Nugent?

Fans who made this list say “last set, best set” when they practice.

We’re having some fun here. Unless you’re a Houston Astros fan, if you don’t have a sense of humor like a 49ers fan, read elsewhere. If so, have someone read this list to you.

The list is also limited to the US. We’re bad enough already. There is no need to involve the entire planet. And when a list leaves the US, immigration comes into play, and that’s when things get messy.

So, as a Jets fan would write: Let’s get the sHuW sTaRTid.

10. Philadelphia Eagles fans

This is more of an emeritus nomination as Eagles fans really aren’t that bad now. For real. It’s actually quite a large fan base. Were they once malicious? Oh yeah. Donovan McNabb’s boos on draft day is one of the worst moments in draft history. And yes, the behavior of Eagles fans was once so bad that they had a jail in the old stadium. This is fan skull boy of the extra class.

However, Santa’s infamous booing is a more complicated story than non-Eagles fans are willing to admit. Conclusion: Santa Claus deserves it.

9. Notre-Dame football fans

They haven’t won a national championship in over three decades, but they’re pretending to be Alabama. In reality, the program is the Mike Dukakis of soccer. As someone who is (seriously) 17% Irish, that pains me. Rudy was also sidelined.

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8. University of Texas football fans

Suffering from the same symptoms as Irish fans. They haven’t won a national football title since the 18th century. Or so it seems.

7. Golden State Warriors fans

Few fanbases have come more than this lately. There were 17 Warrior fans BSC, ahead of Steph Curry. Now there are apparently 20 million of them and they’ve been fans since the beginning. They claim.

The two people who were fans of Golden State Warrior before the team became a dynasty have been identified.  (Train car not shown.)

The two people who were fans of Golden State Warrior before the team became a dynasty have been identified. (Train car not shown.)

6. St. Louis Cardinals fans

Did you know they invented baseball?

5. Red Sox fans

I’ll make it easy for you since you’re probably still struggling with desegregation.

4. Boston Celtics fans

See #5.

3. New England Patriots fans

Honestly, I like Patriots fans. You’ve seen this franchise go from being one of the laziest in all sports to one of the best and unlike other fans such as the New York Giants fans who ignore the team when they lose and run like lightning, to get On this move, Patriots fans will stick with the team in victory.

Patriots Fans: Do You Know How Many Super Bowls We've Won?  Not you?  let me tell you  In detail.  Again and again.

Patriots Fans: Do You Know How Many Super Bowls We’ve Won? Not you? let me tell you In detail. Again and again.

Putting them here is more about my constitutional duty as an American to recognize how much other fans absolutely despise Patriots fans. They are perhaps the most hated fanbase in esports. The Patriots’ core fan philosophy is, “We’re great, suck it.

I respect this philosophy of life, but I can see how much it annoys me.

2. Dallas Cowboys fans

Cowboys fans in August: (says it to your face) This is our year! Back to the Super Bowl!”

Cowboys fans in December, after being eliminated from the playoffs: (saying from across the room) “I’m going to switch and be an Eagles fan.”

The eternal look of a Cowboys fan at the end of the season after missing the playoffs again: sadness.  (AP Photo/Roger Steinman)

The eternal look of a Cowboys fan at the end of the season after missing the playoffs again: sadness. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman)

1. Miami Heat fans

These fans are honored to own one of the most unintentionally hilarious moments in fan history. It was June 19, 2013. Game 4 of the final. 28.2 seconds remain. The San Antonio Spurs are four points clear of the Heat. Spurs’ Manu Ginobili heads to the free-throw line.

At this point, Heat fans who were probably 90 minutes late began exiting the arena. Ginobili makes one of his two free throws. All hell broke loose after that and the Heat turned the game around, taking it to overtime and winning.

Heat fans who left tried desperately to get back in but were locked out.

WPLG’s Victor Oquendo, as Deadspin.com noted, was there to make sure they didn’t get off scot-free:

Fans pour out… I’ll throw up

— Victor Oquendo (@VictorOquendo) June 19, 2013

Honestly embarrassing. I prepare for my live shot outside the arena and just watch as one fan after another leave early.

— Victor Oquendo (@VictorOquendo) June 19, 2013

Now I see horrible drunk fans giving up desperately trying to get back in. This is madness.

— Victor Oquendo (@VictorOquendo) June 19, 2013

None of them deserve to be let in. They bang on the glass doors. I’m all for gender equality but I only see female guardians….

— Victor Oquendo (@VictorOquendo) June 19, 2013

@juanguibeme they are not. It’s absurd. People scream about how they paid good money. For real?!

— Victor Oquendo (@VictorOquendo) June 19, 2013

Cops finally here. Fans are still banging on the doors begging to be let in.

— Victor Oquendo (@VictorOquendo) June 19, 2013

@CarlosWPLG the most pathetic display I’ve ever seen here.

— Victor Oquendo (@VictorOquendo) June 19, 2013

I was born and raised in Miami. I used to hate the national perspective on Heat fans, but I can’t fight it anymore.

— Victor Oquendo (@VictorOquendo) June 19, 2013

Totally classic Miami Heat fan behavior. A well-deserved place at the top.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Worst Esports Fanbases: Congratulations to These 10 for Being the Worst

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