IPL 2022 – RR vs. GT – “I wanted to show what I’ve worked hard for and today was the day”


IPL 2022 - RR vs. GT - "I wanted to show what I've worked hard for and today was the day"

Gujarat Titanswho played their first IPL, topped the league stage, won the first qualifier and then drove to victory in the 2022 IPL finals against the Rajasthan Royals in Ahmedabad. Here’s how some of their key employees reacted to their fantastic win.

David Miller (481 runs at 68.71): “It was a phenomenal trip. Landing in the back end was very special and being there in the moment [of victory]. It was a collective effort, everyone held their hands up at key moments. One of the best rides I’ve ever had. It was a relaxed environment run by [head coach] Ashish Nehra and [captain] Hardik [Pandya]. Hardik has gotten better and better throughout the season. He was really good tactically, leading with both the racquet and the ball.”

Gary Kirsten, batting coach and mentor: “[Hardik has been] Fantastic. He’s a high-profile guy in India, but he was incredibly humble. Wants to learn to be a leader. Especially in the IPL and in India he wants to help young people. He came in with real responsibility, very different from what you see in other IPLs. Great for Ashish and [team director] vikram [Solanki] also. Brand new franchise to put together a team and get guys performing – amazing.

“[On team composition at auction:] Good balance, good depth but most of all players who can play in different ways. At Ashish we learned that you need versatile guys and we got that in 4th, 5th, 6th place.”

Hardik Pandya (487 at 44.27 and eight wickets at 27.75): “I wanted to show what I’ve worked hard for and today, from my bowling perspective, was the day I saved the best for the best [stage]. I find [that] the second ball of my spell I threw after getting Sanju [Samson] out, I’ve seen that something will happen if you hit the wicket hard and if you roll into the seam. So for me, it was about going to the right lengths and asking the batsmen to play a good shot rather than me trying and giving a boundary.

“[On his batting:] Any day I would get the trophy if I hit at 160 or 170 [strike rate]His team is the most important, no matter which team I play for. I’ve always been such an individual. Outside noise doesn’t bother me and if I have to make sacrifices and have a worse season and my team still wins, I accept that.

“Me and Ashu father [Ashish Nehra] are similar in terms of wanting to play against five proper bowlers that you can win all day… Most of the time, as I’ve seen in T20 cricket, it’s a batters game but bowlers win you games.

Hardik Pandaya

“[On batting at No. 4:] I’ve always felt like a hitter. Batting is my number one priority, it will always be close to my heart, so it was obvious when we closed the auction that I had to beat the assignment to lead… I’ve been in a situation like this before, so I thought it was the best position for my team [No. 4] That I bat so all the other batsmen can come and express themselves.

“[On team combination:] Me and Ashu father [Ashish Nehra] are similar in terms of wanting to play against five real bowlers that you can play throughout the day. Batters can, of course, step in and make sure batsmen can put their hand up and say, “We’re here,” whatever or whenever we need to. But mostly what I’ve seen in T20 cricket is that it’s a batsman game but bowlers win games.

“[Titans behind the scenes:] Most of the time we won the game, but we always talked about what we missed and how we can do better. A big chunk of credit goes to all of Ashish’s support staff [Nehra] to [spin-bowling coach and scout] Ashish Kapoor, Gary [Kirsten], the physiotherapists to the masseurs, the logistics team; Everyone got involved, they were there to make sure all the players were comfortable, at home.

“[On how this win is different from his previous IPL title wins:] Of course I consider myself lucky. I’ve been to five finals and won five times. It was exciting. This is going to be special because we talked about creating a legacy and making sure that… this is for the generation to come, everyone will remember that this was the team that started this journey and… the first year [for us in the IPL] Winning the championship is something very special.”

Rashid Khan (19 gates at 10:15 p.m.): “It is the greatest achievement of your career as a player to be part of a successful IPL team. It’s one of the greatest achievements of my cricket career.

“People said we didn’t have enough racquets, we didn’t have enough experience. The franchise has shown confidence in David, me and Hardik. Now we have won, so there is nothing more to say.”

Rahul Tewatia

“[On the final:] We settled very quickly with the wicket. We knew it was the type of wicket if they went over 150 it would be difficult but we have to roll in the right area and that’s what happened. Everyone took responsibility, the middle overs were really important and we bowled really well.”

Rahul Tewatia (217 runs at 31.00): “We were relaxed in Qualifier 1 and we had to stay relaxed and take the game deep and finish.

“[On his feelings in the moment:] I don’t know about the party, but when the season started someone asked me, “What are your goals for IPL 2022?” I said my only goal was to win a trophy with my new team. I don’t know about partying, but I’m definitely not going to sleep tonight.

“[On the team:] People said we didn’t have enough rackets, we didn’t have enough experience. The franchise showed confidence in David, me and Hardik. Now we’ve won, so there’s nothing more to say.”

Wriddhiman Saha (317 runs at 31.70): “This season some people have said we didn’t make a good team so we proved everyone wrong. It feels good to win. Mohammed Shami got a wicket for us on the first ball of the season. From there we got it we get momentum. So he.” was outstanding all season. Everyone has performed.”

“I think winning an IPL is just as important as winning a World Cup and this is my fifth year and I’m lucky to win this time.”

Shubman Gil

Mohammed Shami (20 gates at 12:40 p.m.): “I have known Saha for 20 years. We know each other very well. Everyone knows his abilities, he just needed a chance.”

Shubman Gill (483 runs at 34.50): “It means a lot, you know after winning the U-19 World Cup. I think winning an IPL is just as important as winning a World Cup and this is my fifth year and I’m lucky to win this time. I wanted to be there [batting] This time to the end and that was the talk with the coaches and we got over the line.

Matthew Wade (157 runs at 15.70): “We had a relaxed environment. We didn’t rely on one person too much, though Davey [Miller], Rashid and Hardik have had great seasons. It was a real family atmosphere, Ashish created that. Everyone gets a lot of training time, he makes sure of that. Everyone feels welcome and you can see the performances.”

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