June 2022 (NASCAR Truck Series)


June 2022 (NASCAR Truck Series)

NASCAR starting positions established after heat racing at Knoxville Raceway

Tonight, the NASCAR Truck Series will race on the dirt track at Knoxville Raceway. Four races are on deck to set the starting grid for the feature.

Check out the Knoxville starting lineup below.

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Format: Heat lineups were determined by a random draw. Passing points are also in play. For each position improved from their starting position, they receive an additional point. The highest score from all four races starts from pole position for the 150-lap main event.

After the heats, the officials will edit the course and prepare it for tonight’s main event.

After completing the heat races, Derek Kraus will start from pole position. Carson Hocevar completes the front row.

heat 1

Rounds: 15

The first heat race of the night is on deck. Zane Smith and John Hunter Nemechek took the front row.

Green, they’re running side by side on turn one. Nemechek is ahead on the outside at turn two.

10 to go, many trucks have a grill opening that is completely covered. The track is sticky for the first run of the night.

9 to go, Derek Kraus was taped to the inside lane. He went from 8th to 3rd and he’s on Zane Smith’s bumper for 2nd.

8 to go, Smith slips Smith for 2nd place. Smith cruises under him but cannot regain the spot, Kraus is second.

John Hunter Nemechek wins race one by 5 seconds!

Results 1st run (points): 1.John Hunter Nemechek (11); 2. Derek Kraus (15); 3.Zane Smith (8); 4. Tyler Ankrum (9); 5. Brett Moffitt (6); 6. Joey Gases (5); 7. Thad Moffitt (4); 8. Devon Rouss (3); 9. Brayton Trucks (3); 10. Norm Benning (1);

heat 2

Rounds: 15

Chandler Smith and Jessica Friesen set the front row for the second heat of the night.

Green flag, Chandler Smith clears out of turn two. Friesen takes 2nd place.

12 to go, Hocevar is on the charge. He takes away the 2nd place on the outside lane!

9 to go, Hocevar is on the bumper from Chandler Smith for the lead. Chandler Smith closes the door at turn two.

With 7 to go, Hocevar dives inside at Turn 3. He clips the berm. Hocevar completes the pass at turn one.

6, Chandler Smith drives it deep into turn three! Hocevar slams the door and they make contact. Hocevar almost spins, but he saves it and stays in the lead.

Carson Hocevar drives through the field to win round two at Knoxville Raceway!

Results 2nd run (points): 1.Carson Hocevar (14); 2. Chandler Smith (9); 3. Grant Enfinger (9); 4.Jessica Friesen (7); 5. Dean Thompson (7); 6. Matt Crafton (6); 7. Christian Eckes (6); 8.Bryson Mitchell (5); 9. Braden Mitchell (2); 10.Jack Wood (1);

heat 3

Rounds: 15

Kris Wright and Hailie Deegan took the front row for the third heat.

Green flag, Deegan drives it deep into turn one on the outside. She’s clear out of turn two and falls inside at turn three.

Tyler Carpenter is quickly moving into 2nd place. He makes his NASCAR debut.

9 to go, Buddy Kofoid in Carpenter’s whole bumper for 2nd place.

4 to go, Kofoid works inside Carpenter for 2nd place. He closes it and takes the seat away.

Hailie Deegan wins round three at Knoxville Raceway!

Results 3rd run (points): 1. Hailie Deegan (11); 2. Buddy Kofoid (12); 3. Ben Rhodes (12); 4. Tyler Zimmerman (9); 5. Matt DiBenedetto (9); 6.Kris Wright (5); 7. Chase Purdy (4); 8. Dylan Westbrook (3); 9. Spencer Boyd (1);

heat 4

Rounds: 15

Todd Gilliland and Tanner Gray took the front row.

Green, Gilliland pushes him into turn one.

13, Colby Howard gets caught in the rear bumper of Tanner Gray in the battle for 3rd place. Gray holds the spot.

10 to go, Todd Gilliland leads Ty Majeski by 1 second.

Todd Gilliland drives out to win the final heat race of the night.

Results 4th run (points): 1.Todd Gilliland (10); 2. Ty Majeski (11); 3. Stewart Friesen (12); 4. Tanner Gray (7); 5. Colby Howard (6); 6. Kaz Grala (7); 7. Timmy Hill (4); 8.Blaine Perkins (3); 9. Outlaw Alan (2);

Knoxville Racetrack
starting grid
NASCAR Truck Series
June 18, 2022

Location | driver | heat points

1. Derek Kraus (15)

2.Carson Hocevar (14)

3. Ben Rhodes (12)

4. Stewart Friesen (12)

5. Buddy Kofoid (12)

6.John Hunter Nemechek (11)

7. Ty Majeski (11)

8. Hailie Deegan (11)

9.Todd Gilliland (10)

10. Kramer Smith (9)

11. Grant Enfinger (9)

12. Matt DiBenedetto (9)

13. Tyler Ankrum (9)

14. Tyler Zimmerman (9)

15.Zane Smith (8)

16. Tan Gray (7)

17. Kaz Grala (7)

18. Dean Thompson (7)

19. Jessica Friesen (7)

20. Christian Eckers (6)

21. Matt Crafton (6)

22. Colby Howard (6)

23. Brett Moffitt (6)

24. Joey Gase (5)

25.Kris Wright (5)

26.Bryson Mitchell (5)

27. Hunt for Purdy (4)

28. Timmy Hill (4)

29. Thad Moffitt (4)

30. Dylan Westbrook (3)

31. Brayton Trucks (3)

32. Blaine Perkins (3)

33. Devon Rouse (3)

34. Outlaw Alan (2)

35. Spencer Boyd (1)

36. Jack Wood (1)

Qualification failed

Brad Mitchell (2)

Norma Benning (1)


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