Lewis: Kyrie Irving has ‘firm intentions to play for Brooklyn with or without Durant’


Lewis: Kyrie Irving has 'firm intentions to play for Brooklyn with or without Durant'

Brian Lewis, citing a source close to Kyrie Irving, says the Nets guard has “firm intentions” to play in Brooklyn next season, with or without Kevin Durant. The Post reporter also writes that the Nets and the KD camp have been in contact.

“How did we get into this trading situation when he decided to do it?” the source asked rhetorically. “Here is the situation. He’s signed up, which means he intends to play with the Brooklyn Nets. KD decides he wants out and now everyone is talking about trading Kyrie right?

“Kyrie didn’t ask for a trade. If the Nets don’t want him, that’s a different story altogether. Kyrie hasn’t said he wants a deal. He signed up. [So where did] are the trade talks coming? Is it because KD requested a swap and now everyone wants let’s swap Ky? Kyrie made that choice.”

In fact, the futures of the two superstars have been lumped together with the assumption that the networks are looking for trading partners for both. Much of the rumor revolves around an Irving deal that would send the guard to the Lakers in exchange for Russell Westbrook and draft compensation. (In the latest rumor from The Athletic’s Jovan Buha, the Nets want two first rounds while the Lakers countered with a first and second round.)

“Kyrie wants to play. … He wants to win a championship and he wants to play,” the source told The Post, adding of the Durant situation, “I think when KD said he wanted a trade, he didn’t say I’m going to trade where Kyrie is going goes.”

Lewis also spoke on the status of the Nets relationship with Durant, who requested a trade on June 30, a day before his four-year, $198 million contract took effect. At the time, there were reports that Durant hadn’t spoken to the Nets front office in weeks.

Durant mostly went dark after that, unresponsive to other stars trying to gauge his interest in working with them. But the Nets worked with his business partner Rich Kleiman to facilitate a deal – but neither side closed the door on a possible return to Brooklyn.

Well Lewis- and Stefan Bondy of the Daily News – say that there is contact between Team Durant and the owner/management of the franchise.

So far, Brooklyn has received a plethora of offers, but none to its liking. The Nets are looking for a young all-star and a plethora of picks — like four first-rounders and swaps — in exchange for Durant. But of course it is preferable to persuade him to stay.

At all relevant parties in Las Vegas — including Tuesday night’s owners meetings — Nets general manager Sean Marks and owner Joe Tsai can sit down and talk face-to-face with whoever they need.

Lewis suggested that with no trade for Durant on the horizon — and with NBA GMs going on vacation after Summer League — cooler heads might actually prevail.

Lewis’ story and Bondy’s tweet follow Monday’s Ian Eagle podcast and also indicate that there is some hope of rolling things back for the 2022-23 season.

“[W]”With every day that goes by, I think there’s a greater chance that the two sides will find common ground,” Eagle said on a Canadian podcast, “might find it’s in the best interests of both sides this a year.” play through long, the length of Kyrie Irving’s contract, see if they can win a championship with the group they put together, then go back and check again if this is something worth revisiting or not.

As we’ve already established, none of the key players – Durant, Irving, Sean Marks and Joe Tsai – have said anything publicly that would constitute an impediment to reopening an intertwined dialogue. Of course, there are also no details as to why Durant would want to trade in the first place or how it got to this stage.

Lewis also asked NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for his opinion on KD’s decision to request a trade before his extension even went into effect.

Silver added: “It’s one of those issues that as we enter this bargaining cycle we want to discuss with our players’ association and see if there’s a fix for that… We don’t want it to develop the way it is now.”

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