Report: Chiefs’ Orlando Brown Jr. Hires Agent Michael Portner


Report: Chiefs' Orlando Brown Jr. Hires Agent Michael Portner

The next chip came in the Kansas City Chiefs’ offseason when left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. hired an agent Thursday. The message was broken by NFL Networks Mike Garafolo.

Garafolo added that this is another key factor for Brown Signing with Portner is that he’s new at it.

“He wanted an agent who had no previous relationships or friendships with general managers,” Garafolo said in another tweet. “Portner will be negotiating his first NFL contract, and Brown took that as a positive.”

Here is the statement:

Delta Sports Group (“DSG”) is proud to officially announce the signing of Orlando Brown Jr. as its first NFL client. DSG will represent Orlando’s interests in NFL club contract negotiations and off-field marketing opportunities.

During the hiring process, a unique personal connection was formed on both sides that will contribute to a successful professional relationship. Orlando’s performance on the field speaks for itself and DSG will ensure its interests are properly represented in contract negotiations with NFL clubs. More importantly, DSG will work closely with Orlando to bring about positive change in local communities, including immediate collaboration with Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

“It’s at this point in my life that I realize my career is bigger than my next football contract,” said Orlando Brown Jr., a three-time Pro Bowl left tackle. “Michael caught my eye because we are connected on a personal level. From a young age we were both exposed to the negative effects of diabetes. His father is a nephrologist in the Mississippi Delta. My father died from diabetic ketoacidosis and my younger brother has diabetes. Our shared view of these types of real-world problems will lead to meaningful work in our home churches. I am so excited for this next chapter of life with Michael.”

“This opportunity is a dream come true. I’m thrilled to have Orlando as my first NFL client,” said Michael Portner, NFL agent and founder of Delta Sports Group. “The plan for Orlando will take his ambitions off the field and turn them into reality. Everything we do is tailored for Orlando and his brand to prepare him for life after football. I was also able to connect on a deeply personal level with Orlando’s mentor, Jammal Brown. Jammal’s passion, care and attention to detail played an integral part in every step of this process. I am grateful to Orlando and Jammal for their faith in me. I know our paths crossed for a reason.”

The contract signing will officially take place on June 2, 2022 in Downtown Miami.

The talks can now be resumed

The Chiefs tagged Brown back in early March, but talks over a long-term contract extension stalled ahead of the NFL Combine after the 26-year-old opted to fire his agent.

During a media session last week, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid confirmed that Brown still didn’t have an agent. Now that that has changed, talks can resume with the chief’s general manager, Brett Veach.

The Chiefs general manager last spoke at length about Brown in early May — and how closing a long-term deal and the associated release of the more than $16 million cap associated with the tag could impact the remainder of the offseason.

“Hopefully we’ll pick up Orlando Brown’s talk, and depending on how this is going and how it’s structured, it may allow us to do something different or something that we’re not thinking about at the time,” Veach said. “I think we’re capable of doing something small and if it makes sense, we would do it. I think over the next few weeks Orlando Brown’s contract stuff is going to pick up and how that turns out may take us in a different direction that we can add ahead of the season.

“It’s still a long offseason – and like I said, when you have those drafts and all those players get added, you’re going to have some countermoves and teams are going to start dropping players. They might have added a player or two in a position they hadn’t thought of, now suddenly they have a veteran to move on from, or maybe they’re listening to you. I think once you get through those rookie minicamps and those OTAs, the conversations will get going again and maybe some teams will call about specific players.

“I think the good thing for us is that we have some flexibility here. We don’t say, ‘Oh, there’s nothing we can do, we’re stuck.’ We have a selection next year, we have some money now and depending on how Orlando is playing we might have some extra resources depending on how this is all laid out. We always strive to have some flexibility and do what is best for the team and we will not make a move just to make a move.

“We’ve shown enough discipline over the years, I know we’re aggressive, but we’ve shown we can be disciplined and let things play out. Above all, I think you’re in a really good position as long as you have flexibility going into the season. We’ll definitely be taking calls and listening and seeing what’s out there.”

Kansas City first acquired Brown through a trade with the Baltimore Ravens just before the 2021 NFL Draft. He started in 16 of 17 regular-season games last season and as a left tackle in all three playoff games for the Chiefs, for which he received a Pro Bowl call-up.

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