Steelers teammates agree: Quarterback Mitch Trubisky ‘a great guy’



It’s a common school of thought among those who follow the Pittsburgh Steelers: Mitch Trubisky is — or at least should be — grumpy because the team he signed with as a free agent in March turned around and drafted another quarterback on the first round of the following month.

On the day he completed a full off-season spring and summer workout with his new teammates, Trubisky made it clear that he held no such ill will towards the Steelers for drafting Kenny Pickett.

“I just feel really fortunate and fortunate to have ended up here in Pittsburgh,” Trubisky offered unprompted after Thursday’s final minicamp practice. “I’m delighted to be here with these guys and this team, (the) coaching staff and everyone (including) the city and the fans, so I feel very fortunate and excited for the opportunity.”

The return is of course early. The team will not reunite for seven weeks, will not play a preseason game for more than two months and will not open its regular season until September 11. The week will be the honeymoon time Trubisky feels towards the Steelers by his teammates over their alleged new starting Quarterback replies.

“He’s a great guy,” said Chase Claypool, who started wide receiver. “He’s easy to get along with, easy to talk to and he’s very forgiving, if you make a mistake he doesn’t care. He goes on to the next piece.

“He always comes into the building with a smile on his face and is never in a bad mood. It’s just easier to get along with him and understand who he is as a person.”

Less than three months after joining the Steelers on the first day free agents could negotiate with NFL clubs, Trubisky is firmly on the quarterback’s depth list — at least for now — for a team planning its future after Ben Roethlisberger. Offensive coordinator Matt Canada said earlier this week that was by Tomlin’s design, and through two weeks of organized team activities and this week’s three minicamp sessions, Trubisky has never lost his role as QB1.

Claypool called Trubisky’s conduct on offense “fluid…smooth” and “super cool”.

“When it’s the guy who throws you the ball (is one with who), you guys laugh and joke…in the locker room and stuff, it just makes everything looser up,” Claypool said.

That gregarious, laid-back, and approachable demeanor even extends to Pickett, the player most suspect will eventually take Trubisky’s starting spot.

The former Pitt star has repeatedly spoken out about his appreciation for the mentoring he receives from Trubisky and fellow actor Mason Rudolph. Pickett said he plans to take Trubisky up on his open offer to spend time at his Florida home in the gap between now and July 26, the deadline for the Saint Vincent training camp.

“We’ve already talked about meeting up down there and training and hanging out,” Pickett said. “I definitely want to use these guys (Trubisky and Rudolph), they are great teammates, as a resource and help me learn. I can’t say enough great things about how they were.”

Just like Trubisky can’t say enough good things about his new teammates. On Thursday, he said “there is no telling how far this offense can go” after gushing about how well connected the unit was during the minicamp.

“Part of me wishes we would still go next week,” Trubisky said. “We have some time off, so we have to take care of our bodies and prepare for the training camp. But it’s been a lot of fun, especially in recent years when OTAs have looked different with Covid, being at home, being virtual. So being together, building that chemistry and being with the guys and having so much fun on the field, it’s bittersweet that it’s over. But I feel good about the work we’ve done so far.”

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