The Detroit Tigers hold a players’ meeting after being defeated by the Chicago White Sox


The Detroit Tigers hold a players' meeting after being defeated by the Chicago White Sox

Detroit — The Tigers’ clubhouse remained closed for at least 30 minutes after Wednesday’s game.

After being swept at home by an exhausted White Sox roster, losing the Finals 13-0 in humiliating fashion and having to use three position players to cover the last three innings on the mound, it was time to take the air to clean.

“No one likes to be given an A– every night,” said catcher Eric Haase, who confirmed the team held a players-only meetup. “We think we’re a better team, but for some reason we’re not working. We’re just trying to get back into that groove somehow.”

The Tigers' Kody Clemens plays the White Sox in the eighth inning on Wednesday.  He was one of three positional players used by the Tigers in the loss on the mound.

Haase said the players spoke on a wide range of topics with the general consensus: “We need to play better.”

“Of course it’s frustrating,” said Haase. “The way we play nobody likes it. It’s very old. We want to change that. But getting in the weeds with the negative stuff won’t be a good way forward. So hopefully we’ve broadcast it.” and we’ll be ready to go tomorrow.”

BOX RESULT: White Sox 13, Tiger 0

Shortstop Javier Báez, who was given the day off on Wednesday, didn’t want to call it a meeting and he didn’t want it to come off as if there was any disagreement in the room. Just a group of players trying to figure out how to successfully play baseball again.

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