14 skincare products celebrity makeup artists swear by


14 skincare products celebrity makeup artists swear by

To create a clean, glowing canvas, Hollywood’s most sought-after makeup artists prep their famous clients’ faces with select skincare before applying cosmetics. We spoke exclusively to five A-list artists — collaborators with everyone from Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé, Zendaya and Eiza González to Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Sydney Sweeney and Mindy Kaling — about the tried-and-true skincare products and tools in their kits now.

L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Midnight Serum

“Preparing for a red carpet or a big day takes preparation,” says Sir John, whose clients include Beyoncé, Zendaya, Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. “I love the L’Oréal Midnight Serum. The formula is packed with antioxidants so you wake up in the morning with a smooth, hydrated and refined complexion.”

Angela Caglia Gold cryo facial set

“I love prepping skin with red carpet cryo tools,” says Sir John. “It helps decongest, soothe and soothe the skin. It’s a luxury treatment for my clients and I almost always give them away afterwards because they’re just so good.”

Biotta organic carrot juice

“If you want to take it a step further, I always recommend my clients to drink carrot juice a few days before a big event,” adds Sir John. “It’s like an internal chemical peel and full of vitamin K, which increases blood flow and cell turnover. This is my in-house trick for glowing, red-carpet-ready skin.”

Róen Elixir Regenerating Facial Oil

“The one product I can’t live without is the Róen Elixir Restorative Face Oil — this oil really is for everyone,” says Synnott, whose clients include Nicole Kidman and Eiza González. “It’s luminous, lightweight and the perfect makeup base. I’m a big fan of massaging the face with my hands, so I like to massage my clients’ skin with this oil to sculpt the face before applying makeup.”

Lucerne Force de Vie Crème Luxe

“Lucerne Force de Vie Crème Luxe has the most luxurious, silky feel on the skin,” says Synnott. “It works beautifully over the Róen oil. These two products are really my favorite!”

Knesko Diamond Radiance Collagen Face Mask

“Knesko masks are the only masks I use now,” adds Synnott. “They really make a difference by plumping up the skin and have a cooling effect to reduce inflammation.”

Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bars

“Jillian Dempsey’s vibrating gold bar is so fast and effective,” Synnott continues. “I really see results in just five minutes! When time is of the essence and my clients feel like they need a boost, this is the perfect tool!”

Argentum Apothecary La Potion Infinie Cream

“This gentle and hydrating moisturizer is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive,” says Dali, who works with Sydney Sweeney, Constance Wu and Hunter Schafer. “It hydrates the skin without leaving it greasy or slippery and wears beautifully under makeup.”

La Prairie Cellular Mineral Face Scrub

This product is like magic!” adds Dali. “It removes dead skin cells that make the skin look dull. The skin feels instantly silky, makes it easier to absorb your skin care products and gives the skin a healthy glow.”

dr  Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum

It’s like a big gulp of water for your face,” says Dali. “This serum instantly moisturizes and helps soothe and soothe the skin.”

Joanna Czech The facial massager

“One of my favorite skin prep tools is the Joanna Czech The Facial Massager,” says Blunder, who works with Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, and Gemma Chan. “I always use it for big red carpet events and I love giving my clients a mini massage. It really helps with facial swelling and is almost like a little lymphatic massage.”

Monika Blunder Undercover Face Cream

“I created this beautiful, clean moisturizer because I wanted a cream that was really suitable for all skin types,” says Blunder. “It is effective and moisturizes and enhances the skin while prepping it for seamless makeup application. It’s packed with gorgeous ingredients like arnica, edelweiss, shea butter and rosehip oil.”

Beauty Bio Cryo Roller Duo

“I love starting the skin with this cryotherapy tool,” says Kinjo, whose clients include Mindy Kaling, Uzo Aduba, Riz Ahmed, and Daveed Diggs. The cryo-rollers are available as an accessory for BeautyBio’s GloPro Facial Microneedling Tool ($199) or as a manual cryo-roller for $85. “The cold stainless steel rollers help de-swell the skin and increase blood flow,” she explains. “It also tightens the pores so the skin can be primed for the perfect red carpet look.”

Everyday Humans Rose From Above SPF 35 Sunscreen Base

“Protecting the skin is essential no matter what event my clients attend,” adds Kinjo. “This mineral sunscreen has a tint that doesn’t leave a white cast regardless of your complexion. Its lightweight dual function protects skin from the sun while also acting as a primer to keep makeup in place all day.”

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