Costco now sells discounted subscriptions to Apple News+, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade


Costco now sells discounted subscriptions to Apple News+, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade

Costco appears to have recently started selling subscriptions to Apple services at discounted annual rates. Costco members can purchase an Apple TV+, Apple News+, or Apple Arcade subscription at a reduced price on the Costco website.

Apple News Plus
‌Apple Arcade‌ is available for $44.99 compared to the annual standard price of $49.99, and ‌Apple TV+‌ is also available at the same price point of $44.99. ‌Apple News‌+ is available for $89.99 for one year of service.

Apple doesn’t offer an annual subscription to ‌Apple News‌+ and sells it for $9.99 per month for a total annual price of $120, making Costco’s $90 price point a notable discount.

costco apple news plus

Costco appears to have only recently started offering Apple subscriptions for purchase, and there is a banner on Costco’s main website that says “Now at Costco.” ‌Apple TV+‌, ‌Apple News‌+ and ‌Apple Arcade‌. Get 1-year subscriptions at incredible prices.”

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