Could This $7,500 1993 Chevy Lumina Z34 Lighten Your Life?


Could This $7,500 1993 Chevy Lumina Z34 Lighten Your Life?

Good price or no die 1993 Chevy Lumina Z34

With its Z34 package and today’s quad cam V6 engine Good price or no dice Lumina is no ordinary mid-size classic Chevy front driver. Let’s see if the price is also exceptional.

When Mazda was introduced the miata, it created a fun car for the masses. In turn, those crowds anointed the model with the kind of following usually reserved for cult leaders and people who can open really tight glasses. That 1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata We checked out the first iteration of the car yesterday, the iIt’s the weakest of the line but has pop-up headlights – the only model that does – which of course makes it the best of the range. Being the best, along with low mileage and an appealing presentation, did much to soften reactions to the Miata’s $13,500 price tag. That result was a solid 60 percent nice price win.

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When yesterday’s all-new Miata was aimed at a specific audience of car buyers; this Look for something that was originally offered in numbers by the likes of the British and Italian auto industries, but which ones back then was on its last legs. Mazda brought the little sports car back from the brink and has been keeping the flame alive ever since. in the the same Era early to mid 1990syou could have put your hard earned money down (or rather financed at an insanely high interest rate) something like that 1993 Chevrolet Lumina Z34.

The Lumina was Chevy’s mid-size family car of the ’90s, having taken the role of the earlier celebrity and filled the rolech until 2001. While the celebrity had previously Offered in station wagon, four and two-door models, the Lumina combined that into a sedan and a coupe. This coupé later morphed into the Monte Carlo reborn, fading the light of the Lumina with just a single model. Before that happened, however, Chevy gave the Lumina some pretty big balls to play with.

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This Z34 edition is the sportiest of Luminas (Lumini?). It is sLocation of the Chevelle SS of its time. What puts the meat behind the standard Lumina potatoes is a major upgrade in mechanics, including a 210hp, 3.4-liter, 32-valve V6 engine, a stiffer FE3 chassis and four-wheel disc brakes. A Getrag five-speed was available for the modelhowever, this car rocks the 4T60 four-speed automatic.

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Packing all this is a body that has this functions revised bumpers, grille and rocker panels, along with a rear spoiler and ventilation slots in the hood so the engine can come the weather report at first hand. Model-specific alloys rounded off the optical part of the package.

The Z34’s interior has also been upgraded with handsome upholstered bucket seats and a leather-trimmed three-spoke sport wheel.

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Just like the Miata of yesteryear, this Lumina comes to us in seemingly excellent shape and with very few miles under its belt. According to the ad, tThe total number is only 49,750. Exactly this ad also advertises the car as “MECHANICAL A1” updates noted These include a new A/C compressor and, oddly enough, a K&N cold air intake. Fortunately, the factory box is provided in the trunk for easy retrofitting not the edge of your cap be flat enough for the K&N unit.

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The car is presented in light aqua over a gray cloth interior and although the seller points out that the color isn’t perfect, it looks good enough in the pictures. The interior is said to be very clean, with just some wear and tear on the floor mats to spoil the overall look. Apparently, whe life in a private collection has allowed the car to last so long in such beautiful condition. According to the ad, the history of the car includes a long time in this collection during what time it was only Driven sporadically.

Now it’s back in the game with a clean title and the seller’s claim that it would make a great weekend cruiser, or convenient daily driver.

With that in mind, let’s now discuss the $7,500 price tag for these Lumina. The seller says this is negotiable, but we’re not here to cause trouble, we’re here to judge! So judge away.

What do you think, is this hot Lumina worth the $7,500? Or does it seem like it’s not that much to pay a very good idea?

You decide!

Long Island, New York, craigslistor go here when the display disappears.

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